Sonisvision- Furnishing Startups With Their Legal And Business Related Matters

Sonisvision initiated with the modest idea of commending business in India simply. To accomplish their mission, they build the most effective legal services platform globally with a spectrum of business services from trademark to incorporation. The firm hopes to unleash entrepreneurship and help small businesses strive effectively.

Bhavpreet Singh Soni is the Founder and CEO of SonisVision, a technology platform to simplify legal and business-related matters. He is also the Founder & Mentor of Billionpreet, where he assists and encourages young entrepreneurs and startups to change their dreams into reality. In addition to this, Bhavpreet is an author, public speaker, YouTuber and investor.

About Sonisvision

Bhavpreet, after learning about IPR, Corporate Laws and Business Laws, started developing an interest in them. Being passionate about IPR, Corporate and Finance laws, he decided to launch Sonisvision.

Bhavpreet Singh Soni, Founder and CEO of Sonisvision

Sonisvision is dedicated to helping startups, individuals, firms, entrepreneurs, companies, and small business owners solve their legal compliance with starting and running their businesses. Currently, the company has a network of 100+ professionals, encompassing competent chartered accountants, company secretaries, lawyers, and cost accountants.

Sonisvision’s financial and legal experts can benefit as a consultant for commencing businesses and running businesses. They work towards fulfilling the dreams of young entrepreneurs or who want to run profitable businesses.

Induction of the Idea

Sonisvision was started with a basic idea. The idea focussed on giving a phenomenal service experience for which every client pays a hefty amount. Even after that, they do not get a good experience in return in terms of the services they receive. So Sonisvision’s sole motive was to give the best service experience with every service they provide. Also, it should be worth it to the client’s pocket as well.

Expertise Services

Sonisvision offers some unique and excellent services to its clientele. Services they offer-

  • Copyright & Trademark Registration
  • Patent & Design Registration
  • Suggestions and Consultant for Startups and Funding
  • Partnership Deed
  • Private Limited Company Registration
  • Reporting of any Cyber-crimes
  • Franchise Agreement & Models
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Startup funding
  • Non-Compete Agreement
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Drafting
  • Co-Founder Agreement
  • Import-Export Code Licensing
  • Pitch-Deck for Investors
  • Website Terms & Conditions etc.

This legal services providing platform was started 32 years ago in Ajmer and got an online presence two years before by Bhavpreet Singh Soni

The Quirky Factor

The mission of a Startup to become a business giant is an arduous and challenging battle. Most startups need to focus on idea development and distinguishing themselves from their competitors in the market. The U.S.P of Sonisvision is that they provide legal and corporate services at reasonable prices but with the best in industry knowledge to their clients with ease and dedication for the service they provide.

The Vigorous Struggle

The founder remarks that the most crucial risk is not taking any risk. The company always makes sure that people who are working for them are paid on time. For the firm, their people come first. Bhavpreet highlights that sometimes it happens that at the end of the month, he doesn’t get anything in his hand, but he makes sure that his people don’t go empty-handed. Excellent quality isn’t it!?

Business Model and Strategies

Sonisvision is a bootstrapped startup currently running with tremendous growth, and the user base is increasing every day. The business model is straightforward to understand. The company provides services in both legal and corporate sectors, along with startups unfolding every day. They need to have a robust IPR portfolio, and so they help them to build one. Along with consulting them to scale up their business and to be financially independent.

Into the Future

Sonisvision yearns to be the best in the segment. As they are working with their services, they also want to share the knowledge they possess in terms of business with their clients more and more. That is the reason they also have their Youtube channel named Sonisvision. To receive their services, call +917297051181.

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