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When there is a problem/issue in a society, entrepreneurs take it as a
challenge and fix it. It’s not enough to just solve today’s problem
anymore. That’s reactive and short-sighted. We have a massive
opportunity to thrive after this pandemic, but it’ll only happen if we
spend today solving tomorrow’s problems. Look out into the future, and
create the solutions that will resonate in the months and years to come.

You don’t need to be a fortune-teller to do this. I’ll show you an
Let’s say a guy named John has a favourite pizza place. They make the
best pizza, and he can’t wait to eat there again. when this local lockdown
finally ended, that pizza shop seemed messy and unorganised.
Meanwhile, there’s a second -best pizza café nearby – and that place is
spotless. So, where will John eat? I bet he’ll go for the second -best pizza

What can we learn from this story?
Here’s what I noticed:

1. Importance of Trust

Every business must differentiate itself, and that always happened in
many ways-with factors like quality, price and convenience. But when
John chose the second-best pizza place, he pushed all those old qualities
aside and bubbled up to the top instead. That’s a massive shift. Before
the pandemic, trust was barely spoken about but no longer.

This means entrepreneurs can stand out from competitors in new ways.
You can fulfill people’s new expectations by focusing on different aspects
of your business.
For example: your customer may have never cared about your operation
before, but now they will.

How can you innovate there?
How can you be transparent, so people trust new operations?
For example, in your restaurant you can put internet connected cameras
in the kitchen. You want the world to see your kitchen and to trust what
comes out of it.

2. Importance of Changing Minds.

It’s time to ask yourself some basic, difficult questions. Start with these:
Am I providing service that’s unique to today?
Do people value me more or less today? Your customers are asking
similar questions.

Who understands my needs now?
Who can be there for me? And frankly, they may not know what to
think about you. They may have loved you before, but all bets are off

You want your potential customer to come back, and you can’t do
that just by asking. You need to change how they think about you – and
to do that, you first need to understand how they think, and they react
to it.

3. Importance of Openness

In the past, entrepreneurs hid their funding troubles. If customers knew
that they were struggling, they might lose their customer. COVID-19 has
changed it completely because we all are in this together.
If you’re a valuable business, nobody wants you to disappear. They want
to support you.

It’s time to market from a position of weakness and let that
become your strength. Share your challenges and then see how they led
you to great new solutions. Let your best team members step forward.
It’s a time when small companies can become big, and big companies
can really blow it.

That value equation has changed. To succeed, we can’t just say
we’ve changed. We need to step-up and really change.

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