Smarden Automations Pvt. Ltd. – Innovating Existing Things through (IoT) Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an internetworking of physical devices (or “things”) that are linked with sensors, applications, and other devices to link and communicate data with other devices and networks over the internet.

SmarDen has a dynamic and skilled collaboration on life-improving Home Automation solutions, where they focus on converting your existing home to the smart homes, this concept of home automation is referred as Retrofit home Automation where the home owner doesn’t need to replace his existing appliances and doesn’t need to rewire his existing electrical wiring. The Automation devices converts your existing appliances to smart appliances so that you can control your home via a smart phone application and enjoy the freedom of a smart home.

A Smart Home system connects appliances through the network using sensors and devices, enabling them to interact with each other and be managed from all over the world via phone over the internet. With their creative designs and technologies, SmarDen has made massive progress in highlighting the significance of an attractive and well-crafted Home Automation System.

Why Smarden?

Future generations will get used to an intelligent house for some reasons, including cost savings, a more pleasant lifestyle, and security, which is why “SmarDen” provides the best-in-class home automation solutions to its customers. Thanks to the technology of the Internet of Things and SmarDen’s highly efficient R&D team, here are some of the features that you might want to know about the home automation systems by SmarDen.

  • Control & monitor your home from anywhere in the world via SmarDen mobile App
  • Keep an eye on your power consumption via app
  • Create Scenes, Routines and Schedule any appliance in your Home
  • Create Workflows that are based on the sensor actions
  • Robust devices that are capable of handling power fluctuations
  • All the devices are retrofit and supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Single Mobile App –SmarDen to control each and everything
  • Smart intrusion alerts and virtually lock your home
  • Track the manual switch activities in your home
  • Sensor and power consumptions are stored in the app for the last 3 months
  • Completely Designed, Structured and Made in India
  • Affordable smart home solutions and devices don’t need an extra Hub.
  • Device Payload data and user data is encrypted and using Indian cloud servers.

Mr Shrey Sharma, Director Of Smarden

The Beginning of Smarden

In the calendar year 2016-2017, the founders started working on IoT. At the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, they undertake basic prototypes to develop technical expertise. Later on, the founders identified the IoT market’s potential and figured out the necessity for Home Automation, including its expansion in Indian marketplaces so they started working on the retrofit WiFi based Home Automation devices along with the Smart Application to provide the best in class user experience.

SmarDen Started from building Retrofit Smart Switches and today their product line has more than 25 products, they started with Home Automations systems and now the company is dealing in Smart Homes, Smart Hotels, Smart Enterprises and even contributing towards Smart Cities in India and Mauritius.

The company also launched a website, Smarden, which provides their best Home Automation innovations to their users.

Unique Offerings

It’s great to talk about how much money their devices save on your bills or how much energy they save by using home automation. It differs from one gadget to the next. Innovative home technologies can make our homes more environmentally friendly while also saving money on electricity. If they want to make their home as efficient as possible, they’re a no-brainer. SmarDen helps their customers in the following ways-


  • The items are designed to fit into existing switchboards.
  • It’s incredibly user-friendly and straightforward to set up.
  • The Smart Switches are very adaptable and extendable.
  • Single application for multiple devices
  • Unique devices that offers complete automation including smart switches, Fan dimmer, power consumptions, Temperature and Humidity sensors & IR Blasters.
  • One stop solution all type of devices considering – Smart Switches, Lighting, security, Safety, Sensors, IR blasters, Industrial, Agricultural and Heavy Duty devices.
  • Integration of dashboards to operate multiple enterprises from a single devices.


Mr Parveen Mittal, Director Of Smarden


The Future Plans

SmarDen’s objective is to use their services and solutions to transform non-smart architectures to smart architectures, starting from homes to smart offices, hotels, building and complete organizations, and to give best-in-class management services to their customers, saving them time, money, and energy.

The company is constantly working to provide clients with mobility by upgrading their surroundings, they are currently focusing on integrating different technologies like machine learning, artificial Intelligence and block-chain with their devices which will help their devices to make better decisions for their users and to provide better control and security over everything.
The Company recently launched a complete IoT Platform for the students that can help them to build their own IoT devices and to learn the technology in a better way, the Platform is one of a kind IoT Platform which is packed with some unique features that will really help the students to grow and learn new things about IoT.

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