Sleeky India- Rethink Your Gadget’s Looks!

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Sleeky India is the brainchild of Ammar Ramlawala, an MBA graduate from Mandsaur M.P. & Co-founder Hunaid Kamarsaheb, a BMS student. It was founded in October 2020. Sleeky India manufactures mobile device accessories, skins for mobile phones, laptops, Skins, MacBook skins, tablet devices & much more.

Sleeky India gets to you the most extraordinary way to make your digital lifestyle look more remarkable. They allow you to makeover your mobile and digital devices as an expression of your own unique identity, with removable, adhesive-backed, premium vinyl skins that protect and personalise your electronic device simultaneously.

Best In Class Services

Sleeky India has a vision that renounces one thing, ‘The Customer’s Service’. They have come a long way, with their 1000’s happy customers, the ‘Sleeky Gang’. The company’s primary intention is to be the most excellent in offering protection with an affordable, stylish solution to bulky cases.


Being a consumer themselves, they were often disappointed with the mobile cases that lack the very individuality of the case. After questioning the actual need, they realised that a good phone case with excellent material is more important than a stylish phone which feels like a brick—the company guarantees to provide their customers with best in class services at the most affordable rates.

Sleeky India boasts being India’s only brand that produces skins for 800+ mobile phone models. Almost all laptops, Certain gadgets and much more Giving you trendy, Sleek and & scratch-proof protection to all your devices.

The X-factor of Sleeky India

Everyone opts for a case to protect their phones and to add more tone to them. The case also adds additional bulk and thickens the device significantly, so the user experience isn’t that great. That’s where skins gleam. Not only does it protect the device, but it also adds style without adding any extra bulk. Likewise, it provides additional grip, which can never be a bad thing.

Using the skin to replace a broken phone back panel is also beneficial nowadays. Most phones have glass screens that break if dropped, or the plastic gets easily scratched after a few months. Enter Sleeky India, which lets you apply a skin to it, making it look brand new and expanding your user experience.

Delivering Pan India

Customers can shop the diversified product line online through their website, www. sleeky. in. The company is soon planning to launch a mobile app and work on its Offline channels too. Sleeky India does not sell their products through other eCommerce channels because of cheap retailers who sell cheap and low-quality products and erode the market.

Over 100 unique skin designs are offered for over 800+ mobile devices. Among its kind, Sleeky India is one of the very few brands to acquire such a massive product line.

Stumbling Blocks Of the Journey Though the Skin market in our country is not well-known, there is low competition. The major challenge for the company is to compete with the local cheap retailers who offer cheap quality mobile skins at low prices. Sleeky India is bootstrapped and planning to go big soon and working on getting funded.

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