Skills: the accessory to a successful life

Skills The Accessory to a Successful Life | Awareness

India is unable to grow, the reason behind that is unskill workers . in India there are thousands of workers working but without any skill causing India to lack behind.

What is skill?

When the minimum amount of time and effort is inputted and maximum result is achieved that is what we call skill. Skills are of two types

  • Soft skills

Skills which come under this portion is

  1. communication skills
  2. time management skills
  3. team-building skills, etc.
  • Hard skills  

Skills that come under the following heading is

  1. Cooking skills
  2. Dance skills
  3. Sports skills, etc.

The reason for India not growing is unemployment. unemployment is decreasing day by day. according to a survey done in 2018, the rate of being jobless increased by 6.1 %

In India, only 5% of workers are actually skilled but in other countries like the US, there is 52% of labours skilled,68% in UK,80% in Japan, and 96% in South Korea.

According to a survey , only 6% of engineers are eligible for working in top 10 companies in India.

The reason behind the large amount of unskilled population is


In the list of worlds, 100 top universities India do not any university in it. by this, you can get the idea that how much India is lacking in the education system . the age span from 10-15 is the time when students learn the most but in India, schooling system focuses on one thing “ RATTA MAARO – PASS KRO – PERCENTAGE LAAO”. Here in India, the main

 focus is on bookish knowledge . due to which student is unable to recognize their skills


The parents only focus on the percentage scored by their child or which rank he /she is upon . they don’t even bother to whether their kids have any skill or not. the hectic schedules of kids don’t even allow them to think of it. From school to tuitions then doing school work then tuition work then studies the whole da end in this chaos only.


People have a mentality that it’s better to not take a risk and a job where security for sure is present.  Whether they must be in a schedule which just frustrates them.

It is necessary to have a skill whether you have money or not house or not because all these are temporary, but the skills are permanent for sure. they will let you be successful in life.

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