Silent killer which is named under “Mental Crisis”

Silent killer which is named under “Mental Crisis”

2.3 lakhs deaths a year! 5.6 crore of the population is in depression.

Its time when India needs to tackle suicide. Depression has become a silent killer named under a Mental crisis.

It is a social movement that needs to focus on shifting attitude, we need to work on how these people are not getting sustenance from their loved ones.

Depression is not being sad because your parents are not allowing for night outs or not getting personal mobiles or belonging. Depression is a mental disorder that needs to be taken care off and taking care does not mean “giving medicines two times a day” instead it means treating the person with love care and understanding what all they are going through. Prescribed rules won’t make them feel better instead they will be a burden on them.

There are crores of people sitting beside you in depression but you will still remain unknown to it. If you see these symptoms then identify that they are in depression. They are not excited to do anything, you loved to do. The motivation level, the happiness levels just depreciating day by day.

They have just had one feeling within you and that is “EMPTINESS”, their sleeping cycle, the cycle is totally changed and ruined. You start getting mood swings. They cry all day alone, suicidal thoughts. they tend to believe the only thing left in their life is negativity and the reason for that is they themselves. Living alone is the best thing they feel.

Reason for Origination of Depression 

  • Routine

We follow the daily routine every day with no excitement involved we just follow what we planned. We don’t live our lives and tend to get irritated and loosen up relations with friends and others.

  • Life Events

When we receive rejections every time in whatever we are trying to do. Unable to meet anybody’s expectations or satisfy ourselves. After working hard still having money issues or relationship failures all these events lead to depression.

  • No Sharing  

Be it an 80+ adult or an 8- kid each and everyone is on social media. No such thing as family talks is left. in today’s world, nobody eats dinner together, every house has a schedule. On social media, individuals may have 2.7k followers but they lack that one friend with whom they can share everything, and this process of keeping things inside us leads to overthinking and killing ourselves slowly inside.

Scientific Reasons of Depression

Reasons of Depression

One of the scientific reasons of depression is decreasing levels of Hormone serotonin. As serotonin creates two other hormones one of them is dopamine which gives us a feeling of happiness. So, if the levels of serotonin will decrease then dopamine will also be not able to generate.

Depression also causes physical illness as a side effect as when the brain doesn’t function properly these kinds of issues to arise like body aches, heart attacks, increasing infections, getting addicted, also ruins relation with your loved ones.

You end up being an irritated and angry person. It ruins their life. A major side-effect of depression is suicidal thoughts. after reading the above if you can relate with it, please talk to someone to share what’s going on in your mind. Maybe they will help you out. And if they are unable to help you that’s totally fine but by sharing you will surely feel relieved.

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