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Online shopping is the new way to shop. People have a much hasty life they can’t go to markets on a daily basis to purchase things, especially during the Pandemic when every person was locked in their respective places.

Online sites like these provide every basic to basic needs of ours. Customers’ most important conditions are the quality of goods should be appropriate and the goods available should be cheap enough.

Abhishek Aggarwal: Director and co-Founder at AANCHALPORE

Abhishek Agarwal a Btech and Mtech, IIT BHU Varanasi. Co-founded an e-commerce website in August 2019 named AANCHALPORE with KUSHAL SHRIMALI

It is an online fashion-related good selling website at the cheapest rate in the market. They ensure the quality of products. They also provide a 30 days return policy. They as per now, mainly famous for MEN’s Tshirt. There are many other fields they are starting. They have a customer base of 25000 + their turnover is approximately 2 – 4 lakh per month they didn’t have much funding they ran their company for 9 months on cash and proprietorship [Customer base]. They have an estimated turnover of 2-4 crore on a minimum basis of AANCHALPORE APPAREL PRIVATE LIMITED.



Their vision was to provide the country to wear the best, amazing quality clothes at cheap rates because all like to dress nice but many can’t afford big brands.

They aim to be the largest e-commerce for fashion in the company. They have not lent money from anyone for investments they invested with their own savings from the internship and working and selling on different platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, and meanwhile gained experience of this industry and each and every detail of clothes and fashion.

The Struggle Faced by AANCHALPORE

The struggle was present there from the beginning as we funded ourselves without any helps. There are industries, you will find them saying big things like there are many vendors who can’t deliver the order on time after taking a good amount of advance too. They deliver after 1-2 months also. But we made our best that these kinds of reviews don’t get reviewed in public. Finance was always a problem as we don’t take support from anywhere.  Next, people in this field gives large expectation to you at starting and don’t fulfill it when the time comes for fulfilling.

They all belong from good family background, they could have taken support from them. But the team believed in taking challenges and they felt it won’t be fun enough then.

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