ShareChat Team’s Robot Biz Gets $3M Boost!


The creators behind ShareChat have started a new robot-making company called General Autonomy. And guess what? They just got $3 million from some big supporters like Elevation Capital and India Quotient!In a message on a social media app called X (it used to be called Twitter), Farhid Ahsan said, We’re super excited to have received $3 million in starting money from IndiaQuotient, ElevCap, and our favorite supporters KhandujaM and AnandLunia.

Some other cool people who pitched in money are Srinath Ramakkrushnan from Zetwerk, Ramakant Sharma from Livspace, and Ankush Sachdeva from ShareChat. These General Autonomy founders, Ahsan and Bhanu Singh, decided to take a break from their ShareChat jobs in January. In the X post, Ahsan talks about their new project: making robots for businesses.

These robots will use smart computer programs to do all kinds of jobs.The Indian government also wants to be a big player in the robot world by 2030. They even have a plan called Make in India 2.0 that says robotics is super important for India to be a global star.

A group called Tracxn found that in India, there are 45 startups trying to make robots for businesses. But only 12 of them got money to help them out.

Some of those lucky ones are Ati Motors, CynLr, Accio Robotics, and Vyorius. They’re all working hard to make cool robots for the future!


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