SETI receives $200 milion for alien research


The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, or SETI, Institute, a Mountain View nonprofit at the forefront of exploring space for signs of life, revealed on Wednesday that it had received a $200 million grant from Antonio’s estate, marking a substantial boost for their mission.

Guided by our core mission and Franklin Antonio’s vision, we now have the opportunity to elevate and expedite our research and make new discoveries to benefit all humanity for generations to come, said Bill Diamond, the president and CEO of the SETI Institute, in a news release.

The SETI Institute, dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of extraterrestrial existence for the past 40 years, plans to channel these funds into various avenues.

In his memory, the SETI Institute will continue its pursuit of one of the biggest and most profound questions in all of science, a question as old as humanity itself — are we alone in the universe?Diamond said.This gift will impact all research domains of the SETI Institute, said Nathalie Cabrol, director of SETI’s Carl Sagan Center for Research.

It will provide our teams the freedom to pursue their own science priorities, and to examine the technological, philosophical and societal impact of their research on our daily lives here on Earth.”””


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