Service Alliance – On-Demand Home Services Startup, Get Expert Services at Home

Service Alliance is a private startup, On-Demand Home Services company. It’s the leading home services platform in Bihar, with a presence in Patna and Hajipur. The platform helps customers book reliable home services like Electrician, Appliance installation, Appliance Repairing, Painting services, Plumbing services etc.

Service Alliance On-demand home services currently available in Bihar. Mr Mintu Kumar and Mr Arjun Sharma are Co-Founders of the company.

Mr Mintu Kumar
Mr Arjun Sharma

The On-demand home services industry in India is increasing, with about 69 startups founded in 2014 alone. Players include HouseJoy, Zimmber,, taskbob, MMrRight, Findyahan, Urbanpro, Urbanclap, Doormint, Hometriangle, Qyk, and many others which provide home services like plumbing, painting, electrical service, laundry, pest control, in health and wellness.

The Motto of The company

The motto of the company is “Quick Service at Affordable Price by Expert Professionals”. Service Alliance wants to empower professionals and make services easier and affordable to deliver on-demand home services at home like never seen before.

The Company’s  Share

Service Alliance is a Private Limited Company, which means that it’s a privately held business entity, so the financial liability of the shareholders is limited to their shares. Therefore, if the company is in financial trouble and face any tantrums, shareholders will not lose their assets. Although, perpetrating fraud related to the company would negate an owner’s limited liability protection.

Other advantageous aspects of Service Alliance being a private Ltd. are, it would be executing limited trade of shares, shareholders can’t sell shares to outside buyers, shareholders must agree to the sale or transfer of shares; Therefore, the risk of a hostile takeover is lower. 

What do they offer currently?

Service Alliance currently providing home services:

  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Appliance Repair
  • Home Painting
  • AC Service and Repair
  • Appliance installation

Easy to Use

Service Alliance on-demand home services one can use and book services easily from the website or the Application SA Partner, which is available on play store.

Interesting Future

 Service Alliance plans to add more home services in future and expand their home services business in more cities as the company runs only ten services currently at Patna and Hajipur in Bihar

They are coming soon with more home services like Wedding Photography, Online Classes, Yoga and Fitness, Room Booking, Beautician, Wedding Decorators, Carpenters, Salon at home, Cleaning and Pest Control Etc.

These essential services will surely hit the local market as the company wants to make their services easy to use and affordable price for middle-class people.

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