Seedbasket- One of the Leading and Most Trusted Home-garden E-commerce Marketplaces in India

SeedBasket is our country’s leading e-commerce marketplace to buy online vegetable seeds, fruit seeds, grow bags and other home/terrace gardening products. The primary vitality is providing the Non-Hybrid(open-pollinated)/desi vegetable seeds in kitchen garden packing.

The firm provides all types of home gardening needs like Native/Non-GMO and Hybrid vegetables. They also offer Exotic and Herbal, seasonal fruit and flower seeds, grow bags and many other gardening products.

Induction of the Idea

Naveen Gade and his wife Chandana Gade initiated this website at the end of 2016 when they discovered the release of poison in their plates with high use of pesticides and chemicals to grow vegetables. The couple didn’t want to raise their kids by feeding them lethal food. That very moment they realised that they must begin developing their food as their parents do in villages.

Naveen Gade, founder Seedbasket

The following reason that has fueled them to start an eCommerce website on Online vegetable seeds is the inadequacy of a proper dedicated website for home gardening which provides desi seeds. Apart from supplying Native/Desi Vegetable Seeds, SeedBasket has tried to incorporate all the helpful products for Home Gardening.

SeedBasket was also featured in many regional (Telugu) newspapers (eenadu, AndhraJyothi) and TV channels(DD Telugu, T News, Vanitha TV) about their start-up.

Business Strategy and Revenue Growth

Currently, the eCommerce company is bootstrapped with an initial investment of INR 1 lakh. It started making profits within six months of launching the website. The company’s main motive is to grow organic vegetables at their home and feel the joy of eating their grown food and having a healthy life.

The seeds are procured from their farmlands, other farmers and their reliable vendors. As they tend to provide services to remote areas across the country, shipping plays a crucial role. To overcome this, the company has tie-ups with the Indian Postal service and other primary Courier Services. 

SeedBasket doesn’t have any minimum order. If the customer orders a single product that costs not more than 25/- rupees, they are ready to ship the product to any place in India with minimal shipping charges. The company is making a turnover of INR 3 lakh per month with more than 10 thousand happy customers.

Into the Future 

SeedBasket is dedicated to providing the best quality products at the best price in the market.

The company is expecting a turnover of INR 1 crore per year by the end of 2023.

They intend to reach each household that wants to start Home Gardening and grow Organic 

Vegetables. The company claims to be in constant growth to stand up to the future demand.

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