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Scream Creams- Satisfying Cravings For Freshly Churned Homemade Natural Ice Creams.

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Summer is here, and it’s a good one. The AC is running around the clock. When we go outside, we crave some ice cream. Scream Cream is the most delicious and most incredible ice cream company around the world.

With no added preservatives, no synthetic flavour, Scream Cream is available in a variety of flavours and is custom made.

The Brain Behind Scream Cream

  Neha, Founder of Scream Cream

In 2019, Neha, with a degree in fashion designing, just wished to do something independently. She wanted to enter a market that was uncharted territory for her, something unique and, of course, prospering in itself. She launched Scream Cream.

Everyone loves to eat ice cream, but she also had an enthusiastic interest in making new flavours. Her hobby of making ice creams urged her to start her own home-based business. Adding new flavours, trying something out of the box was always in her virtues.

She was a well-equipped player in this market and knew how to make some flavoursome mouth-watering ice creams. She knew then that it was the perfect time to step into the market as there was no one as such who was into this industry.

Neha was sceptical as to how she managed this as she started it single-handedly. After prospering her business and expanding now, she has her staff team and smoothly carries off her deliveries.

In the journey of planning and brainstorming, the only thing that helped her get the ball rolling was her family’s unwavering support. They were always the ones to tell her to start a business of ice creams because she was very efficient at it. 

She commenced her own brand Scream Cream, and in no time turned it into a successful Ice cream Delivery Chain. The customers not only love her Ice-Cream’s, but they are also fond of the affection and hospitality they receive from Neha herself. She has completed 5000 orders and started in 2019. 

Making People Happy Everyday

Scream Cream has a variety of flavours accessible to keep one’s mood delighted and fresh. Some popular flavours are gourmet flavours like Matka paan, thandai ice cream, afgan dry fruits ice cream and many more.

To make everyone’s festivals more beautiful and cheerful, they also offer hampers. Even on birthdays and anniversaries, Scream Cream is also ready to make it a day to be remembered with its gifts and exciting coupons.

To craft brilliant ice cream, you need happy people. They’re one of the essential ingredients. It’s always best when things happen naturally. Neha is one of them.

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