SanchiConnect Takes Deep Tech Startups Roadshow to Your Town, Boosting Innovation Everywhere!


SanchiConnect, local deep-tech heroes, proudly announces the next leg of their special roadshow. This awesome journey has a history of discovering cool startups from small towns and cities across India.

Teaming up with our friends at HSBC India, Arctic Invent, and Startup Movers, SanchiConnect wants to bring together smart tech folks like you with the big-shot mentors in their community. The first part of the roadshow was a hit! They found some amazing startups and even helped them get some cash to keep the ideas flowing.

Now, in this second part, the roadshow is rolling through Delhi (9th December), Hyderabad (11th December), Bengaluru (12th December), Chennai (13th December), Coimbatore (14th December), and Kochi (15th December). It’s like a big gathering of cool ideas and chances to make them happen.

Sunil Shekhawat, the boss at SanchiConnect, is super excited about this journey. He says, “”We’re teaming up with HSBC India, Arctic Invent, and Startup Movers because we’re dead serious about helping out our local tech scene. By bringing startups and investors together and giving them a place to work together, we want to kickstart new ideas and make sure they grow.

A big thank you to our partners, HSBC India, Arctic Invent, and Startup Movers – together, we’re making something awesome for startups, investors, and our entire tech community.”” Arctic Invent, the global brainiacs in patents and trademarks, are joining the ride too.

They know all about protecting ideas and making sure businesses can keep being awesome. And don’t forget Startup Movers – they’re like the startup whisperers, helping new businesses plan things right and avoid bumpy roads with their expert advice.


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