Salad Days: The Gurgaon-Based Salad Startup Growing Greens and Profits


In this busy world of food delivery and takeaway, this Gurgaon-based startup stands out as a pioneer in offering healthy and delicious salads. Established in 2013, this bootstrapped startup has become a successful venture, achieving remarkable growth and profits. Presenting you today the story behind Salad Days and how they are revolutionizing the food industry.

Salad Days was established in 2013, with a vision to provide wholesome and nourishing salads for delivery and takeaway. Their dedication to health-conscious consumers made them stand out from the crowd. The convenience of doorstep delivery quickly gained popularity, helping the brand to grow exponentially

From an Idea to an Identity

Even though starting with limited financial resources, Salad Days has established itself in the competitive market. Their revenue currently exceeds a remarkable Rs 20 crore, which shows their dedication to this innovative approach. What’s even more shocking is that the company achieved these results without any external funding solely on bootstrapping.

Salad Days currently operates in Delhi National Capital Region (NCR) with a network of 10 cloud kitchens, ensuring speedy and efficient deliveries to their customers. They have recently moved into Bangalore as well, seeing the positive response and growth, establishing three more cloud kitchens to cater to the demand for their healthy and easily accessible salads.

Financial Milestones

The financial achievements of Salad Days can be summed up as a huge success. In the financial year 2022-23, the company recorded an impressive revenue of Rs 15.8 crore, with a promising customer repeat rate (CRR) of Rs 25 crore. Such good growth has become a consistent trend, with the brand experiencing a 50% year-on-year expansion over the past few years.

Investing in Success

To maintain its growth in the future, Salad Days understands the importance of investment. As per the brand’s report, establishing a single cloud kitchen requires an approximate investment of Rs 27-28 lakhs. With extensive financial planning, they have managed to use their resources efficiently, leading to continued growth and prosperity.

Salad Days owes much of its success to its customer-centric approach. With a repeat customer rate of 65% per month, it is evident that their customers are really happy with their services. The brand’s focus on quality and customer satisfaction has led to an average order value of Rs 500 while acquiring new customers at a reasonable cost of Rs 150 per acquisition.

Growing Green & Sourcing Smart

Central to Salad Days’ work is ensuring the highest quality of produce in their salads. They’ve taken a unique approach by growing most of their ingredients on their farms. This approach enables them to maintain optimal quality control and guarantees freshness that customers can taste with every bite. Only a small portion of perishables part is sourced from farmers in Assam, while other essential ingredients are thoughtfully imported from countries like South Africa, New Mexico, the US, and occasionally New Zealand.


Salad Days has undoubtedly carved a niche for itself in the bustling food delivery and takeaway industry. Their growth story from a humble startup to a revenue-generating powerhouse is inspiring. With a strong focus on quality, customer satisfaction, and smart investments, they continue to flourish in an ever-evolving market. As Salad Days further expand its presence, it serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and a deliciously healthy option for salad lovers across India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who owns Salad Days?

A. Varun Madan is the founder and CEO of Salad Days.

Q. How much revenue does Salad Days generate annually?

A. Salad Days is making revenue of over Rs 20 crore annually, according to the latest information.

Q. How many cloud kitchens does Salad Days have, and in which cities do they operate?

A. Salad Days currently operates ten cloud kitchens in Delhi, serving the Delhi NCR region. The company has recently expanded and established three cloud kitchens in Bangalore as well.


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