Sab Paisa: A Full Proof Formula for Transactions

Sab Paisa A Full Proof Formula for Transactions

Come 21st century, everyone aspires to be an entrepreneur. Goal-oriented, determined and perseverant, they build up their venture from scratch. But, payments acts as the roadblock. The challenge pertains to complicated banking support to facilitate payments. In some cases, issues crop up due to voluminous or meagre transactions.


Sab paisa is India’s first and only hybrid payment platform. It is a payment collection and settlement platform. They partner with banks and payment companies to help businesses collect money from their customers in a hassle free manner, and get real-time adjustment and reports, whether online or offline. They are also in the process of creating India’s largest chain of retail outlets for cash/cheque collection by aggregating existing players in payments/logistics/retail sector.

Payment Bank Transactions

Sab Paisa is Specialized in:

  • Payment                                
  • Fintech
  •  Payment Collection
  •  Settlement
  • Dynamic Application Forms
  • Offline Challan
  •  Payment Gateway
  •  Hybrid Payment Gateway Website

Manish Kumar: Founder, CEO & Chief Product Architect

SabPaisa was founded by Kumar Manish in 2016 with the vision of offering payment solution as a platform to small, mid, and large companies. Kumar Manish has a Maths honours degree and is an associate member of Actuarial Society of UK.

SabPaisa has strategic Biz Acquisition partnerships with 8 large PSU and Pvt Banks. It is white-labelled with 6 banks and counting. With a total monies processed till date of INR 2200 crores, the gross merchandise value is INR 800 crores for the year 2019-20. 

SabPaisa employs over 50 employees. SabPaisa has achieved the remarkable feat of being India’s only fintech company in payments domain to have gone profitable in meagre 3 years without raising any serious funding from Venture Capitalists.

It’s a tough task to make your presence felt in the market. SabPaisa faced initial challenges in convincing the bank about their hybrid model. But now, the payments model is well accepted by banks and top brands alike.

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