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RIVIGO-Technology-enabled Logistics Protocol aspired to make Logistics Human, Faster, Safer and Cost-Effective

RIVIGO | Karo Startup
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RIVIGO have been transforming the sector with their global-first driver relay model and cutting-edge technology to provide unparalleled delivery times and reliability to their clients consistently. The model also helps ensure that each of their truck drivers, the pilot, now spends less time away from his family, thereby leading a life of meaning, dignity and respect. The company’s technology-enabled logistics platform includes full-truck loading, part truck-loading and cold chains to industries such as e-commerce, consumer goods, automotive, retail and pharmaceuticals, providing clients with delivery services along with improving the quality of life of truck drivers.

Becoming a unicorn was never the objective. We wanted to make the truck driving profession humane. We were not obsessed with valuation; our focus was sending the truck driver back home the same day. If that metric works, it means the driver is happy, the relay model is working well, and customers are happy.


rivigo founders | Karo Startup

Logistics startup Rivigo changed course the way trucks ply across India with its relay model. Rivigo was set up in 2014 by former Mckinsey consultants Deepak Garg (37) and Gazal (33) with the idea of establishing a relay truck model, where no driver would drive for more than four-five hours at a distance and would return home the same day. The mobile app the company has built for the drivers also makes life simpler by proving a one-stop solution for all their needs. The app, more image-based than text, is available in 11 languages.

The company has grown its fleet of trucks from 25 to 2100 in three years and gives assured deliveries from anywhere to everywhere in India in 3 days. Rivigo aptly calls its delivery people Rivigo Pilots, and runs its undertakings with the help of an innovative ‘driver relay’ model, ensuring that they live a respectable, honourable and dignified life

Life for Rivigo drivers – whom the company calls pilots – seems to be unique. They maintain discipline, wear uniforms, drive for four to five hours one-way, take a 45-minute break, and then drive back a truck for another four hours to eventually come back home on the same day

RIVIGO is a One-Stop Solution For all your Shipping-Related Needs

Rivigo has come a long way to a current tally of 3,000 customers across 20 sectors, which include automotive, publishing, apparel, and grocery. Rivigo that contends with firms like Delhivery and BlackBuck delivers to about 29,000 pin codes in India and claims to have the most substantial network coverage

Rivigo recently also launched the National Freight Index (NFI) to provide live freight rates for different lanes and vehicles across the country. The move is aimed at bringing pricing transparency for over seven million lane and vehicle type combinations in the country through real-time data. The NFI will also provide historical spot price movements of the road freight industry.

Business Model – Products & Value Creation

Rivigo offers full tracking visibility to their clients. Along with two classes of services – Zoom and Prime (a new tier, Green, has been recently launched). To help clients track vehicles, Rivigo also helps integrate their technology into the clients’ internal tracking module. A brief overview of the service tiers are as follows.

Logistics startup Rivigo changed the way trucks ply across India with its relay model. The company, which was anointed a unicorn in 2019, now has 3,000 customers across 20 sectors and aims to expand its footprint

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