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Redefining the Magic of Logistics: Rivigo

Redefining the Magic of Logistics Rivigo | Karo Startup | Inspiring Startup Stories
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It is often said that the straightforward idea is the most successful and this is proved by Deepak Garg and Gazal Kalra, founders of Rivigo. They have faith in their revolutionary idea and hope that the industry would accept it.

By launching the new model of trucking and massively deploying technology, Rivigo is bringing the new way to do logistics in India.

Their process ensures that every truck driver can sleep at home every day, who used to be on the road for more than 20 days a month.

They bring the revolution in logistics by changing the whole model. Transportation is one of the essential operations for many businesses that are involved in manufacturing and e-commerce.

Trucks are typically old, open and ill-maintained. There is no tracking and visibility available after the truck left the source.

A single driver travels the entire distance to the source by taking halts and break in between.

These factors lead to many drawbacks. This causes late deliveries and takes more than a week when doing long drives like Delhi to Chennai. Due to this, the driver can’t meet their family for over 20 days. 

Rivigo brings magic by changing the model. They use a new and well-covered truck and gives visibility to the client during the journey.

Magic of Logistics Rivigo Deepak Garg | Karo Startup

They ensure that truck cover journey to any part of India in just 2-3 days. They change the truck driver every 250 km or around 5-6 hours for a driver.

To ensure the smooth trips, the team control over many moving parts.

Magic of Mistakes

The castle of entrepreneurship hasn’t been made on a smooth road. The way to castle is full of roadblocks. When you fall, you need to get back and went to work again.

Making mistakes and experiencing failure is important but learning from them is even more critical.

 As far as competition is concerned, Garg believes that it is essential for talent, capital and growth.

He is well-connected to his team; thanks to weekly pearls of wisdom, he shares to them in the form of a personal letter.  Garg is laser-focused and ready to disrupt the world of logistic business. 

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