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Ready to Eat Segment Available on Cure Fit

Cure Fit Startup by Flipkart| Karo startup | Inspiring Startup Stories
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Cure Fit is a health and fitness company offering digital and offline experiences across fitness, nutrition, and mental well-being. To make fitness, fun, and comfortable. Cure Fit gives workouts a whole new meaning with a range of trainer-led group workout classes.

Cure. Fit Presents Online Workout Sessions. Buy a Monthly Pack Starting At ₹249 only. You will enjoy live classes anywhere, anytime. You will get an opportunity to get Trained by Top Class Trainers, Celebs. Join Now. Live Performance Tracker. Real-Time Energy Meter. Avail Packs Up to 12Months.

Cure fit enters the ready-to-eat segment with its range of food products valued about Rs. 5,492 Crores ($732 Million)

It built a robust and scalable video quality infrastructure capable of doing 100,000 consultations in a day. They have been working on maintaining complete data privacy and confidentiality. They have customized EMRs for doctors and digital health records.


Cure Fit is launching a paid subscription pack for its online classes. And After an initial 14-day free trial, new Cure fit customers will be able to avail limited video for free. they have subscription for RS 300-400 for watching videos The rest will be able to avail limited videos for free.

Cure Fit, Mukesh Bansal’s (Myntra) and Ankit Nagori,s (Chief Business Officer, Flipkart) integrated healthcare and wellness start-up. With the lockdown, they added grocery as a category, and have seen a significant uptake. People want to eat more home-cooked meals. They have launched ready-to-eat products.

Cure Fit is a mobile app that takes a holistic approach towards health and fitness by bringing together all aspects of a healthy lifestyle on a single platform. Cure Fit provides online and offline experience in the sectors like fitness, nutrition, and mental wellbeing. Cult Fit, Eat Fit, Mind Fit, and Care Fit are the four products with which they help in curing.


To make fitness fun and easy, Cult Fit gives workouts a whole new meaning with a range of trainer-led group workout classes. Eat fit makes healthy eating, easy & affordable. Eat fit cook their meal freshly every time. They count calories of every ingredient and delivered to customers doorstep. Mindfit aims to address mental wellbeing. they focus on bringing a lifestyle change and relive day to day stress. Care Fit is a state-of-the-art medical and diagnostic center that offers doctor consultations and clinical expertise to help in providing care for common illnesses and complex issues.

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