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Rapport HR Solutions – Taking Care of All Aspects of Statutory Compliance in a Cost-Effective and Efficient Manner

Rapport HR
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Mr Indra Pant, an MBA in Human Resource and Industrial Relations, is the Founder and CEO of Rapport HR Solutions, the most promising stimulating partner for the company’s compliance with the law. Rapport HR proposes Statutory Compliance Services related to labour laws that facilitate the corporate partners to concentrate on their seed business while guaranteeing they are law-abiding entities.

Rapport HR Solutions, a leader in Statutory Compliance Services, provide a technology-driven, motivated and evolved concept platform to commence compliance consultancy services in India. Enabling small, medium and large businesses to fulfil all compliance requirements of Indian Laws starting from company registration, business licensing required to operate a business,  preserving the statutory registers, records and filing periodically returns along with due payments. 

Developed, Unique, and Customised Working Method

Rapport supports the company to concentrate on its core without getting affected by the complications of Statutory Compliances. The company facilitates their clientele to gain the essential liberties for unhindered and hassle-free operations. They review the client of any legislation changes for reasonable and timely actions to ensure complete compliance.

The company has a technology-driven portal  to organise client’s Labour Laws Compliance, Business Registration, HR and workforce-related things under one umbrella. 

Rapport HR has a team of trained Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, HR Professional working under the supervision of Experienced Professionals and Labour Laws Experts, delivering excellent accuracy and efficiency in payroll processing, payroll taxes and other statutory compliances. This SPOC shall work remotely online, based upon the details uploaded by the client’s company to their online platform. 

Meet the Founder

Mr Indra Pant initiated his professional journey with business organisations such as Wipro, Essel Group, Three C, H&S. He attained in-depth knowledge in Human Resource Management, Labour Laws, Industrial Relations.

In 2019, Pant began Rapport HR Consulting firm to assist corporates. Soon Rapport services received love from more than 4K customers and 50+ regular corporate clients.

Indra highlighted that Every organisation has to abide by specific rules and regulations that are statutory. The HR department in every organisation has to deal with the HR statutory compliance regarding employee welfare and benefits. 

According to the founder, adhering to the legal framework concerning all the employees in an organisation like provident fund, ESI, minimum wages etcetera is the HR statutory compliance. Withstanding by these laws is necessary for all the business establishments in India.  

Rapport HR’s Vision: The pursuit of exceptional personnel and utmost Customer Satisfaction, is a strength we treasure and a tradition we strive to nurture and maintain.

USP Feature of the Company

  • Tech-Driven Platform – Company provides Tech-driven online service delivery.  It comprises a team of industry experts to assure their clients of the integrity and authenticity of checks with no spam and no sharing and 100% confidentiality.
  • Best Practices – The company does not outsource its clientele work further. 
  • On-Time Delivery – As on-time delivery is one of the most important things to consider when dealing in legal matters. The company goes the extra mile to meet their clients delivery time commitments.
  • Real-Time Updates – Client’s get real-time updates of their service request with Rapport’s Cloud Solution.
  • Quick Support – 24/7 Customer Support is provided to assist Pan India.

Any individual is free to select from various services and outsourcing services at different prices as per their company size.

Rapport Start – Suitable for small entrepreneurs.
Rapport Select – Suitable for Mid-size organizations.
Rapport Super – Suitable for Large Enterprises.

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