Qualcomm Design in India Challenge 2023 Shines Spotlight on Pioneering Desi Startups in Hardware Scene


Moving forward is all about thinking smart, and the Qualcomm Design in India Challenge (QDIC) is the driving force behind some game-changing ideas in the hardware tech world.

Since it kicked off in 2016, QDIC has been like the go-to guy for startups wanting to go big with their innovations. Every year, Qualcomm India’s brainchild, QDIC, brings out the big guns in the world of smart devices and products.

We’re talking about smart infrastructures, agri-tech, industrial automation, robots, drones, medical gizmos, and rural IoT – basically, the cool stuff that’s changing the game. This challenge has been the kickstarter for more than 89 startups, with a whopping 350 patents in the bag, over 28 products hitting the market, and a cool $248 million in funding.

It’s where innovation goes to get its game face on. And get this, seven startups have hit the jackpot with successful mergers and acquisitions. The 2023 edition was no slouch, pulling in over 140 applications, showing how pumped up the startup scene is in India.

With partners like NASSCOM CoE-IoT and Startup India, QDIC handpicked 12 startups that survived a jury grilling, each bringing their A-game to use Qualcomm’s tech for solutions that matter.

Now, let’s dive into the stories of three startups from the chosen dozen. These guys are all about innovation, tackling big issues in healthcare, medical rehab, diabetic foot care, and precision agri – real superhero stuff. What ties them together? A solid commitment to making society better using the power of hardware tech.


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