Purplle: India’s no. 1 beauty destination

Purplle- India's Number 1 Beauty Destination

Purplle is the owner of an online beauty business designed to help customers choose skincare products based on their hair, skin, and other personal preferences.

It is an online store with a sizable selection of fragrances, skincare products, hair care products, and cosmetics. At the most competitive pricing, it features some of the top products from global leaders in the industry. By allowing customers to have a customized buying experience that takes their skin and hair types into account, Purplle cosmetics hopes to elevate the users’ shopping experience to an entirely new level. Additionally, they offer an excellent customer service division that can be reached by calling their customer care hotline.


In the digital age we currently live in, everything from clothing to medications is within our grasp with only a few clicks. The same holds true for cosmetics, fragrances, and items for skin and hair care.

The markets for skincare, haircare, cosmetics, and other beauty items are expanding exponentially. As a result, an increasing number of businesses are entering the beauty market with their own products. One such example of an online beauty firm that is quickly rising to compete with the more prominent players in the market is Purplle.

An Indian multi-brand beauty retailer selling cosmetic and wellness items, Purplle was established in 2011 and had its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Purplle.com features a wide selection of products from over 650 brands, 50,000+ SKUs, and 300+ vendors who specialize in the beauty industry. To guarantee that the quality of the products and their delivery are well-maintained, Purplle offers full warehousing and logistical services to the sellers.

Additionally, Purplle has partnerships with over 6,000 salons, providing customers with access to comprehensive price data on the platform to help them choose the best service.


Purplle is quickly gaining popularity because of its online store and an ever-expanding selection of cosmetics, fragrances, skincare, and hair care items. It provides an online platform for needs related to beauty and well-being that highlight beauty brands and goods. The goal of Purplle is to elevate the purchasing experience. On June 9, 2022, the rival to Nykaa will become a unicorn and join the elite group of unicorn businesses.

You may read about the brand, the founder and company history, the mission, the team, the business model, the competitors, the challenges, the future plans, and more in this success story of Purplle.

The Purplle website is organized around three main themes. The first is the marketplace for beauty products, where items for skincare, haircare, makeup, and other categories are featured. The Salon Booking Marketplace is the second, where they list and take reservations for salons and spas close to you.

Purplle was first founded with Rs 40 lakhs in funds, which led to Rs 40,000 in sales from friends and family in the first month. But this gave them a boost, and after the first month, they grew by 30% month over month. Up until 2015, Purplle worked to come up with ways to grow the company and boost sales. They avoided the year 2016, which was even more important to them, but this realization that five years had already passed made them realize they needed to take new action. In 2017, the founders had only 50 lakhs in their bank accounts when they sensed the need for change.

Purplle then started to make good profits again, and their gross margins were also good. The company then added salon booking services to its offerings, but its products remained central to the business. According to the latest FY21 updates, Purplle is seeing 80% Y-o-Y growth.

The company retails products for skincare, make-up, haircare, body care, and beauty appliances from more than 600 Indian and international brands. It showcases some of the best products from the leading brands in the world. Purplle aims to raise the bars of the users’ shopping experience.

According to Purplle’s mission statement, “Your demands for wellness and beauty are met online by Purplle. We feature some of the top goods from globally renowned companies. It attempts to raise the bar on your purchasing experience significantly. We are aware that shopping provides an unparalleled high.”

As an online store, the company’s goal is to become one of the most well-known brands in the cosmetics and beauty sector.


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