Prixx Works- Empowering Manufacturing Sector With Innovative Intentions

Prixx Works, a Pune based startup, provides Robotics-related services, empowering the manufacturing sector with creative solutions in the Metal industry and 3-D Printing sector. The company motto is “  Empower The Manufacturing Sector Of India With Innovative ideas and creative solutions to reduce the overall time of machining and cost”.

Prixx Works aims to maintain the quality of manufacturing, reduction in the overall costing of materials and machining sector and improving quality products at affordable cost.

Journey Of Prixx Works

It all started at a college in Pune; while pursuing mechanical engineering, an idea discussed, and the journey started. In 2016 September, they originated as Team Prixx in the Robotics field at the College level, which gives Prixx team the zest to be competitive in the work they pursue.

In this Journey in 2018, December, Finally, they decided to take their passion into the work with innovative ideas and creative solutions in the field of Mechanical and Manufacturing sector.

Every problem has a solution; you need to discover it

Many Indian Roboteers faced issues in the Robotics Manufacturing sector like time-consuming, less accurate production, high price. Etc. and they found a loop where they started working on the problem and finding a solution for the same. Industrial entities face problems after they performed their survey.

After a long struggle, they came up with a solution and prototype idea, and they tested it, which allowed them to generate good revenue in a short time. In January 2021, Finally, they decided to come as Startup.

Meet The Team

Sushant Barde is the founder and CEO of Prixx Works. He is a professional combat Robot and drone operator. With experience in Business  Management and Administration, He is also from mechanical background. He has a clear vision to empower the manufacturing industry of India.

Sushant Barde is the founder and CEO of Prixx Works
Sushant Barde is the founder and CEO of Prixx Works
Chaitanya Gaikwad is the BDM of Prixx Works
 Chaitanya Gaikwad is the BDM of Prixx Works

Chaitanya Gaikwad is the BDM of Prixx Works. He has experience in family business and handling startup growth modules. The background in mechanical engineering makes the Prixx Works team powerful and helps its business grow better in the Metal and 3-D printing sector.

Services of Prixx Works

Prixx Works is the leading Robotics related services startup. They provide different services under one roof that will help solve problems quickly and effectively, such as maintenance of equipment, skilled staff provision, etc. Apart from that, they provide services like,

  • VMC
  • CNC
  • Lathe Machining
  • 3-D Printing
  • Water Jet
  • Laser Cutting
  • Milling
  • EDM
  • Heat Treatment (Hardening)


  • Steel Grades
  • Titanium
  • Nylon
  • Lead
  • UHMW
  • Titanium Grades
  • Copper


  • Solid Works
  • Fusion 360
  • Creo
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • Catila V5


With the innovative ideas and creative solutions, In just 1Year, they have taken eight different orders from students and made more than INR 22,000 of Revenue in prototype conceptual assessment. Additionally, they have completed one International Order with an income of INR 8000. Their generation of revenue model has entered a 1 million Rupees base, with minimum machines under startup.

Prixx Works overall tie-up assets; base valuation, makes its start-up to around 1Crore. On current valuation is of 1.8Lakhs. The market size of the Manufacturing sector is about 397 Billion dollars, out of which the Automobile sector itself occupies 24%.

Future Plans Ahead

Prixx works have a crystal and clear vision for the future as they want to provide the best guidance, skills, engineering technologies and creative and innovative solution in the manufacturing sector with the help of e-commerce and networking skills as One Stop Solution.

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