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Poverty a motivation, not a Problem

Poverty a motivation, not a problem | Karo Startup | Inspiring Startup Stories | Awareness
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Once upon a time, there was a kid his parents used to give him 10 rupees daily as his pocket money with the condition that he has to spend half of the amount on someone else and the rest he can spend on himself.

 On the first week when he got 10 rupees he spent five rupees for his own chocolate and rest of the money also on chocolates but for someone else, after buying them he went into a slum area and distributed the chocolates among the kids and came home and explained his experience to his parents asked him to do that regularly whenever he got his pocket money on the second week when he did the same thing there was a shocking thing happened, the kids of the Slum area were standing just in front of him and he came home again and told his experience to his parents, his parents were proud of him and appreciated him.

  In the third week something amazing happened when he bought the chocolates again, they were not only 10-20 kids standing in front of him there are approximately 40 to 50 kids standing in front of him from three different slum areas to get those 10 chocolates.

So I gave them the chocolate of my part also but the next week something totally shocking happened with him there were not only kids standing in front of me but they were oldies, adults kids all standing in front of him. The kid was amazed to see that all these people were just there for only that one chocolate which was a mere pleasure for him.

He understood that something that he can occupy easily is much difficult for others to occupy. This is the importance of money in anyone’s life.

Face the reality you are not poor

If you think you have money issues here are some facts and figures which will make you realize how lucky you are.

  • What happens if you have no mobiles, no lights, no fan for a day, in short, no electricity, just thinking of this makes you stressed right?

 Think of those 2.4 crores of people living in dark, in crowded areas with absolutely no facilities.

  • In the summers, the rainy season we all have a ceiling to hide our head under it, but there are 18 lakh people who do not have ceiling upon their head to stay under.
  • Some individuals complain that they do not have enough money or can’t afford to eat in restaurants. But you will be shocked to know that approximately 1.65 crores of people are unable to get water for themselves.

There are many reasons that India is a poor country like education, lack of financial resources, unemployment, and many more but one thing that pulls it down every time it tries to push there image up is MENTALITY. People think they are poor because they can’t get luxurious. It’s not in your hand if you are born poor but its totally your fault if you die poor to think of poverty as motivation because you have the capability to overcome it.

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