PooInfotech Is Here With A Vision To Power Your Digital Dreams

pooltech digital marketing service and training

PooInfotech is one of the best Digital Marketing Training courses and Marketing Software Development Service Providers based in Solapur city. It has more than 4+ years of experience in high-end design and development with up to date technology. Also, it has successfully solved the hardships of 450+ customers and fulfilled their needs. 

PooInfotech has a vision to power your digital dreams. They claim to be the #1 Service Providers for Website Development, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Video Making and 360 Digital Marketing with corporate, educational and classroom training. 

About PooInfotech

PooInfotech, as a company and agency, encompasses more than 60+ clients. PooInfotech serves its clientele website and digital marketing plans. They design and deliver Digital Marketing plans and strategies. It includes Website Design and development, SEO, SMO, Social Media Ads, Youtube SEO, Youtube Video Editing, Designing and Automation of their business by using third-party applications.

The journey began from 2016 in January and till 2021; it’s going with the same energy, goals and mission. Currently, the company has a team of 15 members of technically active, passionate and experienced people. To date, 50+ colleges invited the company’s founder as their guest lecturer on marketing and Career Growth Hacking around Pune and Solapur region.

Story Behind PooInfotech

Founder of pooinfotech company
Founder – Rajkumar Mashalkar

Rajkumar Mashalkar is the Founder and CEO of PooInfotech. It is one of the prominent and well-known names among the Digital Marketing space in Solapur. He is behind one of the best Agency and Institute for Digital Marketing in Solapur

Rajkumar Mashalkar began his career after completing his engineering at Pune University in Information technology. 

After completing engineering from IT, he served as a PHP developer for three months. He came across Digital Marketing while working in the corporation. He found Digital Marketing quite fascinating and was fond of with new marketing generation. 

Eventually, he started his freelance journey. Later working with considerable clients and accomplishing success in the digital marketing space, he believed that he could thrive in marketing. Consequently, he commenced his agency named PooInfotech on 27 September 2016 with a single laptop, office space, and many dreams. 

He strived to help the local, small, medium and international business to achieve their marketing expectations by using Digital marketing techniques. It took three months for Rajkumar to reach his 1st three clients. Rajkumar started hiring people in his organisation.

After three years of  PooInfotech, Rajkumar Mashalkar’s younger brother Sagar Mashalkar joined the company as Chief Operating Officer (COO). In contrast, his wife, Namita Rajkumar Mashalkar, also joined the HR department, which oversaw improving and boosting the company in all aspects. There onwards, the company witnessed an increase in clients and team members. 

pooinfotech team

Challenges Encountered in the Journey

Talking about the challenges faced, Rajkumar highlighted that during the journey of PooInfotech, he felt the biggest challenge for him was hiring an employee. So he got determined to initiate educating people about Digital Marketing, applying things in the real-time project, and automating things to get better results.

He established his Teaching Institute in February 2020. He began training students, teachers from different sectors and entrepreneurs in an offline class where he exhibited how the Digital Marketing space works. After successful completion of the course, he offered internships for a month at PooInfotech. Some of the right employees also came from the system. He showed them an opportunity vacancy in the industry to apply and clasp a job. 

How Is It Different?

A few reasons why PooInfotech might be the right fit for you:

  • They develop and create a friendly environment for their clientele.
  • They offer their clients end to end services.
  • They assist their clients at any point of need with trained expertise.
  • They are available and accessible anytime, anywhere and anyhow.

Inspired by Sir Bill Gates

The team of PoolnfoTech are a lot inspired by Sir Bill Gates. As he said, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”. 

Similarly, the company believes that their primary objective behind being here is to promote all the businesses, whether it’s a small scale business or a high-end business. The Internet is a global platform and will provide all industries to reach every person at their convenience. Taking companies online offers new opportunities for both ends; Server Or Client.

PooInfotech has worked with many National and International clients. They are a globally recognised agency and have worked with the best companies around the globe. We have over 4+ years of digital marketing experience.

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4 thoughts on “PooInfotech Is Here With A Vision To Power Your Digital Dreams”

  1. One of the best training provider for technological institutes in solapur…Best of luck to get at new height in industry.

  2. Nadeem janwadkar

    Really good blog…

    I m the first student of pooinfotech digital marketing… ..
    And the way sagar sir and raj sir .. Taught us. About digital marketing. It was a good experience

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