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With the COVID situation seeming to be a never-ending phenomenon, at least until a vaccine is found, virtual education will be the next big thing across the globe. Moreover, e-learning is going to be the next great boon for our industry.

It is a mobile app-based teaching-learning platform at a teacher can share content in the form of audio, flashcards, videos, and learning material. Student can access the content in the most organized and effective way anything anywhere on the go through the application. Teachers can make the virtual live classes through this platform.


The Visionaries of Pocket Study

Pocket study is founded by Rachit Dave, Rutvij Vora, and Raj Kothari. All the three founders engineering graduates from Birla Vishvakarma Mahavidyalaya, Anand (Gujarat). Before launching pocket study, they have successfully launched My Class Campus- an operating system to help Educational Institute Go Digital.

How is Pocket Study Different than Other Products in the Same Domain? What is Unique about Pocket Study?

The pocket study is made to create and share content most efficiently and effectively possible through the power of mobile app technology. It has impressive audio Technology for creating short- revision centric flashcards, which is unique in the industry. Also, there is a new interactive virtual classroom module where teachers can take life interactive classes.

Schools, colleges, and coaching institutes can use this platform for digital learning.

The pocket study is a unique learning platform. It will help teachers to stay more connected with students and share learning resources most effectively. Students will enjoy a new way of learning through flashcards & Access high-quality content anytime, anywhere, through a smartphone. Institute can create a centralized library of relevant content for their reference to improve the productivity of the overall teaching & performance of students.

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