PikMe: Infinite scalability logistics & services framework for the smart city

PikMe Infinite scalability logistics & services framework for the smart city | Karo Startup

With the soaring levels of pollution and vehicles on the road, the civilisation of our country agreed to make things better and bring change in how things were going on. Some people started carpooling services, whereas others decided to take public transport or app-based cabs like Uber and Ola. But this wasn’t sufficient to solve the dilemma for people; these were just a few problems that people faced. Two lads from Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand, Prashant, and Prabhat, enacted to take matters in their own hands and built their startup – PikMe. PikMe is headquartered in Chennai.


About PikMe

PikMe is a multi-operator multi-modal logistics application delivering door to door services for scheduled and impulsive commutes. Pikme is an infinitely scalable logistics and utility platform. For taxis, it engages drivers and passengers to make commutes easier. For buses, it provides the real-time location of buses for passengers. Every car or bus needs to install a Pikme app on the vehicle. There are no backend servers for data management. Every data is stocked on the blockchain. They do so by blockchain network custom-built for this job. Their beta app is in the app store and play store to connect taxi passengers and drivers. On the fulfilment front, PikeMe provides cloud delivery capabilities to these stores.

Founder and CEO Prabhat Kumar Singh says, “The combination of lockdowns, sales, and success templates led us to Pune. Before that, we tried in five cities on a smaller scale in India. Now, we are formally active and operational in Pune.

Founder and CEO Prabhat Kumar Singh Pikme | Karo Startup

The Working Model

PikMe, for its hyperlocal business, targets small and medium-sized shops to stimulate their online stores and demand fulfilment. They amass them through referrals and door to door canvassing. The startup provides a B2B SaaS model to its partner stores and shops to manage their merchandise, sales, and customer flow. It tolls five per cent on sales on the invoice. For virtual queue management, PikMe permits public users to appoint shops that they would want to satisfy the services. Based on the votes, it has been onboarding shops and stores.

While it does not charge its users for booking virtual appointments or queue management, the businesses or partner stores pay ten paise per customer for a meeting in India. Under its queue management services, the startup has attended to 24,000 end-users in the USA. In India, it is only active in Pune with almost 80 stores.

PikMe The Working Model | Karo Startup

The Current Growth of the Company and its Vision

At present, PikMe has a team of 21 employees — eight developers, four digital marketing professionals, five employees in the sales teams, and four in the management team. Bootstrapped since inception, the startup has raised $250,000 in an angel round of investment in 2019.

The startup has just finalised the field trial in the U.S. with Maruti Mobility Management at San Antonio, and the company has agreed to take it to the successive level. PikMe is also earning a good response from the market, and the platform is now accessible on Google Play and App Store for download. The company commenced with the conception to provide infinitely scalable logistics solutions for smart cities to meet their needs in a way that is inexpensive and efficient for them. These solutions would make the cities safer, smarter, and make them better for living.

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