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Piccu’s Offers Best Natural Handmade Herbal Soaps, Hair And Beauty Products to its Customers

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Piccu’s is a one-stop platform that manufactures handcrafted herbal soaps, hair oils, body butter, lip balms, shampoos & conditioners, and other beauty products. They sell both wholesale and retail.

They have a large selection of handcrafted herbal soaps produced with all-natural ingredients with no additives, preservatives, SLS, parabens, and SLES. Their products are safe for all skin types, but they are only available for specific skin types. Everyone above the age of three can relish it. It is suitable for both men and women, as well as youngsters.

The ultimate product results fulfil the intention behind its production. Their natural handcrafted products create clients’ confidence and loyalty.

Meet The Founder

Mrs Priyanka Gulati (affectionately known as Piccu), a postgraduate in Management and a graduate in Biotechnology, is the brain behind this firm. Priyanka had always speculated in nature’s wonders, so when it came time to start a business, she knew it had to be something handcrafted from natural materials. She dived into the Phyto-chemistry of rare herbs shortly after her marriage and brought out the best in the form of skin and hair care products.

Initially, it was only an idea to give some carefully picked, hand-crafted gifts to friends and family, but once they were given out, they quickly became viral. Since then, there has been no going back, and Priyanka is ready to carve a niche for herself. Piccu’s purpose is to provide herbal remedies for all of an individual’s healthcare concerns to live a healthier life.

Piccu’s herbal skin and hair care products

The X-Factor

Since the coronavirus crisis, skin, hair, and oral care products have retained a high level of sales. While it is not expected that the cosmetic industry will grow as much as forecast by early 2020, the beauty industry will retain more momentum than other sectors and expand by digital channels.

As long as the general public is concerned about bacteria and chemicals, interest in organic, eco-friendly, and sustainable beauty products will increase. Cosmetics producers also used digital acceleration, which gave them a benefit compared to others less equipped to transition to a predominantly electronic consumer landscape.

By catering to Piccu’s colossal range of products, the manufacturer successfully creates a niche in the domestic market. The company was obsessed with skin-free but effective skincare. All this is made specifically to help feed our skin with active ingredients that promise to perform.

This is why you should select from a wide range of sources:

•Wide range of options

•Authentic & Natural handmade products

The Background Story

At first, Piccu’s started with two products with a strong belief that a niche would be built where quality takes countless times. Piccu’s introduced and increased the number of the products to focus on research and development on the trust of saying, “The race wins slowly and steadily.” 

The idea to build an identity for individuals has led to establishing a comparatively greener, sustainable brand that will later become a start-up and a company. Piccu’s aim is also to make people adhere to nature through the start-up.

Products Offered

Piccu’s strives to carve out a position in the domestic market by offering a wide range of products to its clients. They love the purity of fresh ingredients. Therefore they went above and beyond to handcraft their products to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.

You will be able to sense the richness of the components in their most pure and unprocessed state when you purchase one of their products.

Because the components that go into creating something new are so important, we believe that everyone deserves good skin history as a brand that is proudly Indian, and that is why we are aiming to build products that are result-driven but genuinely soft on your skin.

Piccu’s Handcrafted Herbal Soaps

Into the Future

Piccu’s wishes to spread awareness about handmade and natural products. They intend to increase their marketing and sales. The company also wants to expand their production capacity—Piccu’s plans to create in-house production of raw materials. They hope to encourage Entrepreneurship and want to generate maximum employment. Piccu’s commitment to its customers is to constantly supply them with the purest, most reliable, and highest-quality products. They are incredibly proud not to test their products on animals and to show the world that high-quality products of beauty and skincare can be made without ever being harmed and tested on animals. They also strictly disapproved of the use of any animal ingredients

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