PhonePe’s Top Talent Boss Subeer Bakshi Steps Down, Hops on Board Pocket FM


PhonePe, the big finance tech company, just lost their head of talent, Subeer Bakshi. Guess where he went? Pocket FM, an audio entertainment startup!

According to a statement from Pocket FM, Bakshi is going to take charge of the “People & Culture” section there. Rohan Nayak, Co-founder and CEO of Pocket FM, thinks Bakshi is a great catch.

He said, “Subeer knows a lot about handling people, creating a good culture, and forming strong teams. We’re happy to have him in our leadership team.” Nayak also said, “We’re sure his skills will help us make Pocket FM a great place to work and take us to the top.”

Before Pocket FM, Bakshi was the talent strategy head at PhonePe, part of the Walmart group, from February 2022 to December 2023. Now, at Pocket FM, Bakshi’s job is to set up the systems and culture that will help the company grow super fast, as per the statement.

Bakshi himself said, “I’m really pumped to be part of Pocket FM. The company is going big worldwide, and I’m ready to help it grow by making sure our people practices match the special needs of our business. We’ve got an awesome team, and I’m excited to build on that.” So, that’s the scoop on Subeer Bakshi’s move from PhonePe to Pocket FM – stay tuned for more updates!


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