Pepperfry, the Furniture Guys Are Making Some Changes to Grow Their Business.


The big boss, Ashish Shah, says they’re saving money and letting other people open Pepperfry stores in smaller cities. They’ve got over 180 stores already, and they’re also thinking about putting the company on the stock market.

Now, about selling furniture, things haven’t been great lately because people haven’t been spending much money. Job troubles and layoffs made it tough. But since October 10th, people are starting to buy stuff again, both in stores and online. To boost sales, they worked on saving money.

They cut costs everywhere they could. They added a bunch of new stuff to their catalog and brought in lots of new brands. They also improved how they get furniture to people in 300 different cities. Plus, they used technology to figure out what deals to give to different customers.Now, about their stores, the big ones in cities like Mumbai and Delhi are owned by Ashish Shah.

These stores are like show-off spots for the brand. But in smaller cities, they’re letting local business folks open Pepperfry stores. These stores are smaller and run by local entrepreneurs who know what people in their area like. Right now, they have 183 stores.

About 45 of them are owned by Pepperfry, and the rest are run by franchise owners. So, that’s the plan – more stores, more places, and maybe hitting the stock market soon.


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