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Patni Services- Offering Packing and Moving Services And Keeping Your Belongings Safe And Sound at Affordable Rates

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The movers and packers industry in India sees around 35,000-40,000 movements every day, but it remains a very unorganised sector for the business-to-consumer (B2C) segment. Spotting an opportunity in the sector, the brother and sister duo in Pune commenced PATNI STORAGE FACILITY AND TRANSPORT in 2020.

Easy and Affordable Services

Amidst the pandemic, people in metro cities have migrated to their hometown for almost a year. Divyani Patni and Ashutosh Patni, founders of Patni Services, used this opportunity to reduce the rent people pay to keep their furniture and stuff. 

Ashutosh Patni and Divyani Patni, founders of Patni Services

Usually, 2bhk will cost you INR 25,000 in Pune. At PATNI storage, they charge INR 2,000-6,000 for keeping your belongings safe and sound. They also deliver packing and moving services, helping customers save around two lakhs per year on their rent. 

After receiving the overwhelming response for their Packing & Moving Services, they decided to create a presence all over India. The professional team does Packing and Moving a painless experience. They bring complete peace of mind for all their clientele packing and moving requirements, from around the corner to around the city.

Additional Services Offered

  • They take care of the daily needs such as LAUNDRY, DEEP CLEANING SERVICES AND PAINTING with secure sanitisation.

  • They also take help in technical services such as VEHICLE PUNCTURE AND SERVICING. Their vehicle technician comes to your place, repairs the vehicle and delivers it back to you.

  • They offer Outdoor Services as well, such as PARTY LAWN AND PAWANA LAKE CAMPING. 

The X-Factor

The employees working at Patni Services make shifting a very comfortable and hassle-free experience. They offer flat rates and no surprise charges and always let their clients know the best prices. They handle the belongings with utmost care. Patni Services contains a highly professional workforce, e. They provide you with prompt and professional service and do everything as promised.

The Mission 

Patni Services has a mission to offer clean and healthy society facilities – maintained, secure and sound–lit. They comprise the team members who are always willing to put extra efforts to provide their customers with the best services. They wish to comfort customers with quality services and hassle-free living.

They strive to continuously invest in their services and expand their products to create value and real wealth for all their clients. They intend to provide the best service, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the day-to-day problems.

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