Started his first startup in his class 10th, This Patna based startup is Now building Jugad for Cleaning.

Jiffit was born out of a very good understanding of kicking out the Indian Jugad of cleaning. The struggles people face, the irregularity of time, and the quality services they lack in daily life needed attention.

To this end, the founder and COO, Mr. Syed, and Ms. Prerna realized there was a big gap between professional cleaning and Jugadu cleaning. Based out of Patna, Jiffit looked forward to facilitating easy, convenient, quality, and affordable services for customers.

We are not just your cleanliness caretaker, but your friend in need to ensure your convenience isn’t caged. There won’t be any Ramu. Shamu, or Shanta, or Kanta, because everything will be done by Jiffit in a jiffy. said Jiffit Founders to Karostartup.

About The founders:

Before college, I worked for 1 and a half years in an international process job while simultaneously running a few startups before completing my 10th grade. During my first year of college, I started an advertising company with a friend, but it didn’t bring me much satisfaction. So, in my second year, I decided to switch to this field and started a new venture. Currently, we are in the process, and at present, we are also engaged in rebranding D2D CARES as JIFFIT. Previous Entrepreneurial Ventures: Bilcool, Desi garaj & Crave Hermit Production house.

Current Entrepreneurial Ventures: Currently, we are in the process, and at present, we are also engaged in rebranding D2D CARES as JIFFIT. Achievements and Recognition: Currently Not. Skills and Expertise, Vision and Goals : Start-up Experience: experience in starting multiple ventures, both before and during college, demonstrates my ability to identify opportunities, take initiative, and navigate the challenges of launching new businesses. Adaptability: Transitioning from the advertising company to a different segment during my college years shows my flexibility and willingness to explore new avenues.

This skill is crucial for entrepreneurs as they need to adapt to changing market dynamics and seize emerging opportunities. Business Development: my involvement in the advertising company and subsequent ventures highlights my understanding of business development strategies.

This includes identifying target markets, establishing partnerships, and devising marketing plans to promote my services. Entrepreneurial Mindset: Throughout my journey, i have developed an entrepreneurial mindset characterized by a strong drive, initiative, and a willingness to take risks. This mindset allows me to spot opportunities, think creatively, and persist in the face of challenges. Leadership:

As a founder, I have likely taken on leadership roles, managing teams, making critical decisions, and providing guidance to achieve business goals. my experience in leading teams showcases my ability to inspire and motivate others toward a shared vision. Problem-solving: Entrepreneurship often involves overcoming obstacles and finding innovative solutions. my entrepreneurial journey has likely honed my problem-solving skills, enabling me to tackle complex challenges, think critically, and devise effective strategies. Networking and Relationship Building: Building connections and relationships with stakeholders, such as clients, partners, and mentors, is crucial for entrepreneurial success. my experience in starting and running ventures suggests that I have developed strong networking and relationship-building skills. Resilience: Entrepreneurship can be demanding, requiring resilience to handle setbacks, failures, and uncertainties.

My ability to bounce back from challenges and maintain my focus on my entrepreneurial goals demonstrates resilience, a valuable trait for any founder. These are some skills and expertise that can be inferred based on the details I provided. It’s important to reflect on my experiences and identify specific accomplishments, challenges overcome, and skills developed throughout my entrepreneurial journey to create a more comprehensive overview.


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