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Parama E Mobility design & manufacture of Electric Bicycles

Parama E Mobility
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PARAMA E MOBILITY Pvt. Ltd is established in July 2018 and located out of Whitefield, Bangalore, India. The company primary focus is designing and manufacturing electric 2 wheelers right from the Electric bicycles category. They are a group of dedicated bicycle enthusiasts, product designers, and entrepreneurs with a passion for business and technology.

What Exactly Is Parama E Mobility? 

Currently, the company builds E-bicycles that can be both pedalled or be battery-powered, to give its customers that workout feels. The objective is to support not only a way of transportation but also a way of life, joy and fun with a two-wheeled sort of locomotion.

Parama E Mobility

According to Parama E Mobility, their e-bicycles are the perfect lifestyle statement for fitness enthusiasts and people trying to find alternative personal mobility. They make the right partners in your leisure. You can warm your way up to your destination with a resistance setting and down while returning assisted by the lithium-ion battery.

The company strives to supply the simplest experience of their entire community of e-bicycles owners through exceptional support, expert staff and thoughtful design. The team stand by their values and products, act environmentally friendly and take on social responsibility through a solution and practice-oriented orientation

They claim themselves as a part of future mobility. For controlling the after-sales market, the company has authorised dealers to handle regular maintenance/feedback and give the best output for customer satisfaction.

The company manages with their own directors’ money. It is a zero-debt company till now, and the funds flow effectively based on prioritization of R&D, manufacturing, procurement, and marketing activities. Their lean business model keeps the best control over funds utilisation.

Meet the Founders

Parama E Mobility is founded by Sivarama Joka and Venkatesulu Singanamala. They both were from a mechanical engineering background and worked together in India, Japan and Germany.

The idea unfolded when the duo had a long conversation in Germany about commencing a company that should be environmentally friendly and align with their core design expertise.

The USP of the Company

Parama E Mobility understands things from the user’s perspective and then builds vehicles. They value customer’s feedback and use it as an essential input for building the vehicles. Currently, they are working on a project called “Total experience”, which is about understanding the user’s mood and giving the best riding experience. This will be out for customers by Dec 2021.

Its in-house technologies and global network help them bring the right product to the customer in terms of quality, cost, reliability and serviceability. They treat all their employees, suppliers, and dealers as their business partners and allow them to take part in the critical decision-making process. 

The company believes in engaging the partners in product development process, which is vital in business growth and provides the customers’ best ride experience. Their R&D and manufacturing space in Whitefield, Bangalore, is always filled with energy and excitement, creating an environment for free thinking and innovations. The products are with pleasing aesthetics, the best value and an incredible ride experience. 

Challenges Faced in The Journey

Parama E Mobility takes up the challenges that come their way as they are conscious about building an organisation that lasts for centuries. The initial stage, creating a part supply chain was a great challenge faced. Taking prototypes into mass production was an exciting stage, as they faced challenges of fitting, threading, mountings, and connections, especially with electrical components.

As their CRUZE e-bicycles targeted the premium market, they developed it with value engineering methods and parts integration was challenging. There is no unutilised space left and exactly, built it as the customer needs. They brought the best output in every operation that relates to the best ride of their electric bicycle.

The company puts great efforts into building a strong part supply chain and adheres to its quality standards and timelines. It’s been more than one year since the CRUZE e-bikes are being sold, and the company is happy to receive high customer satisfaction.

A recent challenge was the survival of their business during the COVID Pandemic time. Still, they have taken that as an opportunity to ramp up their products R&D activities.

Business Model

The company highlights that they have a clear road map for the next four years. Their business model is designing and manufacturing electric two-wheelers from Electric micro-mobility to Electric 2 wheelers, with technological innovations for cost-effective, safety & better ride comfort.

The company builds an in-house Motor controller, Lithium-ion battery pack and Battery management system, helps them provide a reliable vehicle with quality and service assurance. Their product sales with B2B, having authorised dealers for sales operations and services throughout PAN India.

Into the Future

The company’s primary focus is to establish a reliable electric 2-wheeler company in India, supports domestic and export needs. Secondly, to develop “Advanced semi-Autonomous technologies” for electric two-wheelers. The company beholds it as a great value addition for their vehicles. It can reduce the 1/3rd of accidents with its stability control unit, rider assistance system, and Integrating AI with vision space. 

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