Paradise Garden is Transforming the way People Think about Landscaping

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Greenspaces have become a fatality despite their crucial significance in guaranteeing people’s health and well-being. Paradise Garden helped in finding a middle ground and paved the way for some greenery. Paradise Garden is transforming the concrete around us into lively green space. The startup does anything and everything related to plants. These may be flowering plants, trees, indoor plants, or even kitchen gardens or gazebos. Paradise Garden catered to clients with spaces as little as 36 sq. feet, and now people in apartment complexes have started approaching them to help set up kitchen gardens. Armed with a team of trained gardeners and a swanky website, Paradise Gardens is one of its kind ventures in Bhopal.

 “On receiving an inquiry from a customer, our team visits the site for an inspection, and we figure out what the customer needs — the type of plants, type of compost, space, and all other parameters are taken into account before embarking on the project,” Mohammed says.

Zuber Mohammed, a second-year engineering student, started a Bhopal-based end-to-end landscape and garden design startup. In 2019, he christened his company Paradise Garden and began taking orders.

What does Paradise Garden Offers?

The urban gardening startup works on gardens, balconies, terraces, and vertical gardens in individual homes, apartment complexes, and housing societies and also provides maintenance services. It takes orders via its website, from individual clients and builders. Paradise Garden is also working on a subscription model for builders, which allows them to choose a garden type and sign up for sustenance. The team then figures out how much substance and workforce will be needed, and gives the client a detailed brief in two-three days.

Paradise Garden Founder | Karo Startup

Despite having all the resources, builders don’t have a branded solution for individual homes. They don’t have any expert working in this industry. So, we work as a bridge to fill this gap between builders and homes,” Zuber says.

The First Client That He Worked For

Zuber explained that the customer wished to renovate an 800 sq feet space in his home compound into a garden. There was a lot of pressure on them to do this well. At initial, they quoted a price of Rs. 30,000 and made the space green by adding lawn grass, shrubs and even flowering plants. The first customer was impressed and happy, which further gave them the confidence needed at that point. Since then, there have been many success stories and satisfied customers.

Paving The Way For Success

The founder bootstrapped the company with Rs 7,000, currently has so far completed close to 100 projects. The startup has very little revenue as of now. But, it has recently bagged a Rs 10 crore project from a builder to build gardens in a large apartment complex. As of now, Paradise Garden has a total of five confirmed clients. The startup competes with, which is based in Ahmedabad, and Delhi-based Phoolvari.

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