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ORINKO, Making Farming more Sustainable, Reliable, and Profitable for Farmers.

ORINKO, making farming more Sustainable, Reliable, and Profitable for farmers | Karo Startup
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From the total Indian population, around 58% relies on agribusiness.  Yet, difficulties such as higher input costs, challenges in using credit, permit to good quality seeds, middle-man exploitation, storage and supply chain issues, and natural calamities like drought, flood, etc., invade the Indian farmer community. Understanding these issues with the agricultural landscape, Vikas Mittal and Ankit Agarwal, Co-founders of agritech startup Orinko, agreed to expand agriculturist’s quality of living while building customers.

With Orinko, the co-founders aim to revolutionise the agritech landscape and improve farmers’ quality of living while building credibility for end-customers.

The Bengaluru-based startup supervises to make farming more endurable, credible, and productive for farmers with the use of technology while keeping consumers’ needs in consideration. India’s first Fruits and Vegetable brand by providing Fresh, Healthy, Tasty and Traceable produce available and inexpensive for everyone. Orinko delivers fresh and healthy food products. Orinko focuses on E-Commerce Platforms, Sustainability, Internet of Things, and Farming. Their company has offices in Bengaluru. They have a small team of 11-50 employees.

Orinko was incorporated as a full-stack agritech fruit and vegetable (FnV) startup

Orinko was incorporated as a full-stack agritech fruit and vegetable (FnV) startup | Karo Startup

Using the cloud farming model, Orinko has incorporated with farmers and micro-entrepreneurs.  They provide them permits to the market with price transparency, thereby abolishing the middle-man. The startup peddles farmers in the market under its brand and provides them with a market-competitive price, on-time payment, and delivery support.

It also guarantees timely farm inquiries, operational support, logistics for farmers, and on-time payment — all of which are the major drawbacks for the farming community. The cloud prototype, in turn, ensures meeting the minimum production weight requirements and revenue.

We work on a unique model that addresses the farmers’ needs, as well as that of the end customers when it comes to fruit and vegetable produce, ” –Vikas Mittal, CEO, and Co-founder

Helping the Farmers

Orinko benefits farmers with traditional farming and hydroponics (soil-less) farming to efficiently improve the harvest of healthy fruits and vegetables. Its hydroponics farms are organised and meticulously reviewed for nutrients. Presently, these farms produce about 30 per cent of fruits and vegetables. The remaining 70 per cent of the produce comes from regular soil farms.

Agri experts visit these farms regularly and work closely with the cloud farmers with planning, farm infra setup, agricultural input selection, input procurement, growing and monitoring, harvesting, packaging, transportation, and sales. Based on the chores, they suggest solutions to the farmers. All the advice gathered can be remotely accessible by the farmers or the startup through a mobile phone.

The Journey of FARM TO TABLE

Orinko’s farm harvest is ready in over 200 offline stores, as well as across multiple online aisles, including Supr Daily, Dunzo, Swiggy, Fresh To Home, Star Bazaar, The Organic World, and Town Essentials. It is aiming to bind with Amazon and Flipkart in the months to come. The entire network has been prepared to maximise the freshness of the product and to maintain the 24-hour timeline as promised to the customers. So, right from the plantation of seeds, monitoring the harvest, bringing to the facilitation centre, and making it available at the customer doorstep — everything is enabled with technology into the entire value chain to maintain this kind of freshness.

The Journey of FARM TO TABLE | Karo Startup

The agritech startup has built a network of over 25 cloud farmers with over 50 acres of farm and 32 SKUs (stock-keeping units), functioning across Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Pune. It also has plans to expand to other cities in the next six months with an additional 50+ SKUs.

In December 2019, Orinko raised a seed funding of $1.5 million from early-stage venture capital fund 021 Capital, backed by Flipkart Founder Binny Bansal.

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