OnEnergy: A startup that provides comprehensive, innovative, energy-efficient engineering solution

OnEnergy is an independent provider of innovative and comprehensive energy-efficient engineering solutions for facilities. Founded by Joydeep Ray in January 2019, the company is a division of Delta T Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. OnEnergy’s goal is to deliver long-term value to its customers by providing simpler, smarter, and more cost-effective solutions for their energy needs.

OnEnergy works with customers on both sides of the meter to help reduce operational expenses, upgrade and maintain facilities, and maximize energy efficiency. At OnEnergy, the belief is that technology should work for people, which is why the team works tirelessly to create innovative engineering solutions that are practical and user-friendly. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, OnEnergy is quickly becoming a leader in the energy-efficient engineering solutions industry.

OnEnergy Company Highlights

Company Name Delta T Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd.
Founded9TH JAN 2019
FounderJoydeep Ray
MissionTo help solve problems of every Banana value chain stakeholder
IndustryFacility Management, AMC Management, Operations and Repair Works
Headquarters Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

How OnEnergy Started?

In 2019, a startup company called “OnEnergy” was born with a mission to build trust with customers by becoming the single point of accountability. The founder of the company strongly believes that there should always be a sense of purpose in whatever one does and always starts with a “why.” This belief led to the creation of “OnEnergy” as a one-stop solution for AMC management, energy management, and facility management services.

The vision behind the company was to address the challenges faced by customers in the facility management industry. The founder realized that there was a lack of trust and accountability among service providers in the industry, which led to a fragmented and unorganized market. To address this issue, “OnEnergy” was created to become the single point of accountability for customers, providing a comprehensive and efficient service that met their needs.

Over the years, the company’s customer base grew, and they started working with global players, providing services across India. Today, “OnEnergy” is a trusted and reliable name in the facility management industry, known for its comprehensive solutions and customer-centric approach. The journey has been a challenging one, but the company remains committed to its mission of building trust with customers and providing them with the best facility management services.

Joydeep Ray: Founder of OnEnergy

Joydeep Ray is a first-generation entrepreneur and the founder and managing director of “OnEnergy”. He began his career with only a few thousand bucks in Mumbai, working his way up to becoming the CEO of a company, and finally starting his own venture. The journey was full of ups and downs, but his driving force was not to earn money but to solve real-life problems and add value.

Joydeep has always believed that money is the by-product of the service and value you provide to your customers. He has been working in the facility management industry for the last five years and noticed that the industry is highly unorganized and cluttered with local players. Due to a wide range of services, there was no one who could provide all the services under one roof. That’s when he decided to start “OnEnergy” in 2019, to provide all the AMC, R&M related services under one roof.

OnEnergy Vision

We believe that “Innovation is required for betterment of life” .Each day we strive to better understand , make better decision and achieve better results for our clients. With this vision we have developed a team of Highly motivated & performing People who can work together to deliver outstanding result.