Oddy, A Renowned Player in Stationery and Paper Products

Oddy, A Renowned player in Stationery and Paper products | karo Startup

Delhi-based Atul Garg realised that shoppers counted on brands so considerably that sometimes they do spend more merely for the brand value. Ultimately, Atul decided to begin his stationery enterprise. He commenced Atul Papers Pvt Ltd in 1998. Oddy is the prominent brand in Stationery items produced at Atul Paper Pvt. Ltd. Oddy has a vast stock range and blends in stationery, both for industrial and household use, at buyers’ preference to decide on from. Oddy’s every commodity has been formulated, keeping in the impression of the most rigid universal norms and upon identifying the knowledgeable quality buyers. This startup brand is notable in Stationery items designed at Atul Paper Pvt. Ltd. Oddy is recognised, organised and generously ascertained and widely been an option for the end-users globally.


Oddy offers Premium Quality Stationery Products

Oddy Factory in India | Karo Startup
Oddy Factory in India

A Delhi-based stationery startup company, Oddy manufactures 97 merchandises, comprising notebooks, sticky notes, glue sticks and more. It has 500 stock keeping units (SKUs) and over 25,000 retail touchpoints. It contends with the tastes of Camlin, Faber Castell, and Kores, and is targeting an annual turnover of Rs 600 crore in the next five years. The company also offers Self-adhesive Masking Tape, Bending Machine, Spiral Binding Machine, Plotter Paper Rolls, Paper Rolls, T- Pins, Paper Clips, etc. Commodities are a grand unification of excellence, raw substances and developed production procedures. This is the motivation that their products are appreciated for their quality, cost-effectiveness and dependability. They supply these products to Distributors/Wholesale Stationers, Paper Merchants and Office Product Dealers. The company acquires raw material from across India and worldwide markets. Before mass-producing any commodity, Oddy does a product sample review and amasses acknowledgement from users.

Atul started by printing the brand name on cartons to increase brand visibility. At times, he even sent ‘fake customers’ to shops to ask for the Oddy brand, so that retailers ordered more stock.

Oddy CEO Atul Garg | Karo Startup
Source: oddy

Atul discovered that the need for white paper for publishing in offices had considerably heightened, Oddy capitalised on it to manufacture white sheets and coloured papers. Between 2007 and 2008, Oddy partnered with Walmart-owned Flipkart to trade its products online.

The Stationery Manufacturer has been Clocking a Turnover of Rs 100 Crores Annually.

The company’s endeavours paid off in 2000 when the business set up its initial manufacturing department in Haryana. In 2003, the factory came to be a full-fledged unit. At existing, the company has three developing units across Haryana and Okhla. Presently catering only to the Indian market, the business is looking at taking off global in the future years. Oddy is targeting a turnover of Rs 600 crore in the successive five years. It also intends to create products that are hobby and household-oriented in the looming days. Today, they have arisen as one of the prominent organisations in this field. The company has been granted with Business Sphere Award, for existing among the leading manufacturers of high-quality Media, Paper and Stationery Products for the year 2006-07.

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