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Now Studying is an All-New Fun With Vedantu

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Vedantu is a free Indian interactive online tutoring platform. Here teachers provide school tuitions to students over the internet. They use a real-time virtual learning environment named WAVE (Whitewood Audio-Video Environment and Technology). The platform has a growth rate of 220%. It is a LIVE online learning platform that enables personalized learning.

Vedantu offers a host of online tutoring classes from class 1-12 and even for various medical and engineering exams. This startup claims that it recorded growth, especially during the lockdown, with more than 2 million students.

 “online learning  adoption in India is at an all-time high

Pandemic Helped in Rising

Vamsi Krishna, the Vedantu CEO, says that during the lockdown, everyone is talking about live classes. Our brand is the best destination for live courses. On top of adding new categories, we will use the funds to invest in content and technology to create the world’s best life teaching-learning experience.

Vedantu raises $100 million in series d and $600 million valuations. This is the third time within this year that Vedantu has raised capital.

Edtech segment has suddenly come into the limelight since the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). The resultant lockdown has increased the business model of these startups. Providing online classes and content to schools have witnessed increased usage as well as subscribers.

Vedantu accouches quality knowledge with whacking technology. This leads to India’s Top Teachers and students mutually in a LIVE interactive e-classroom.

Vedantu, an educational effort started by three IITian friends – Vamsi Krishna, Pulkit Jain, and Anand Prakash. They are Teachers by Choice. Their first investment in education, Lakshya, in 2006. It was later procured by a listed company called MT Educare (Mahesh Tutorials) in 2012. The founders tutored and mentored more than 10,000 students and trained more than 200 teachers.

Vedantu is a formation of two Sanskrit words, Veda (Knowledge) + Tantu (Network). It is signifying a ‘Knowledge Network’ where any student can tap into a teacher of his choice directly and the learning can happen, anytime-anywhere.

Sole mission of Vedantu

The company’s sole mission is to create a world of quality education. That can be easily accessible to all. As it is personalized in terms of a better experience than group classes, and it is also customizable in terms of Choices. Which online platform provides like the Choice of teacher, Choice of Time, Schedule, and most importantly, Level of Study.

Let’s follow and join the wave of education with VEDANTU, because “Maza Aayega toh hi Samaj Aayega”

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