My Design Minds Is Providing A One-Stop Solution For All Your Designing Needs

My Design Minds, a design services based start-up company, laid the first stone in May 2018. It is a Delhi based startup with a notion that Design is more than just generating sketches and CAD files; it is about creating solutions for the problems with a Human-centered approach with the help of Design. 

The startup highlights that Design is creating a plan or practice for designing an object, system, or measurable human relations. It is also about unravelling complex topics and developing tremendous understandings out of them. 

About My Design Minds

The company emphasis on giving end to end design solutions to the arising new start-up 

companies, small and medium scale industries. They do this by using a unique Design Thinking Methodology and approach towards Design and Prototyping of unique products and services.

Mission: Creating One Stop Solution for all your Design Needs.

The company comprises a team of 12 members. The productive, enthusiastic, competent, courteous, and reliable professionals work towards providing a one-stop, end-to-end solution to all aspects of design needs at affordable prices.

The members of the team have more than six years of experience. They have worked with highly reputed companies.

What do My Design Minds do?

My Design Minds is highly regarded for its technical mastery, valuable support, and customer care. They focus on providing world-class quality in our Designs.

My Design Minds offer all sorts of Design Services that a company or a customer possibly requires to start, enhance and operate a successful business.

The Idea behind MY Design Minds

The company acknowledges that Design Thinking is a tool that can benefit their clients in creating and producing the products and design with a Human-Centred Mindset

By delivering Design Thinking as their core methodology for all their designs, they can help the clients by curtailing the cost and oversee time while increasing the value of the Products and Designs.

Area of Expertise

  • Mechanical CAD Design and Analysis Services
  • Civil CAD Design and Analysis Services
  • Electrical CAD Design Services
  • Architectural CAD Design Services
  • Interior CAD Design Services
  • Graphics Design Services
  • Website Design Services
  • 3D Printing Services
  • Digital Marketing Services

What do They Offer

  • The company designs and reviews the existing designs to prevent manufacturing defects keeping cost reduction, usability, user experience, and aesthetics in mind.
  • Also, offer 2D, 3D solid, and surface sheet metal parts and conversion of solid models into sheet metal, product design for fabricated metal and alloy sheets, and CAD data for CNC cutting and blanking designs.
  • The company supports a complete product development life cycle, from inventiveness and design to manufacturing and production.
  • The company excels in Special purpose machine design and building. With over 20 years of combined experience in SPM manufacturing, the team is well equipped to understand what is needed to implement a process solution successfully. 
  • It provides services for plastic mold design for Injection and Blow molding dies with a team of well-qualified designers and mold makers. They use this design to proceed with the mold development process using quality material for mold manufacturing.
  • The company generates high resolution and print-ready 2D floor plans in JPG, PNG, or PDF format. They offer their customers a detailed drawing showing all floor plans.
  • The company has experienced designers with extraordinary industry experience and a 99% success rate in logo designs. Custom Logo Design Packages are offered as per the customer’s budget and business type and business worth.
  • My Design Minds uses the latest technologies and create attractive layouts and develop business-oriented features. With a well-built website, small businesses can convert visitors into buyers by creating a strong impression within their target audience, increasing their revenue.
  • The company also proposes corporate website development, mobile app development, and digital products.

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