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Mudda Connects Citizens With Admin For Raising Social Issues In Localities

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An AI-based social transforming platform, MUDDA has developed a platform for various groups, individuals and administration for raising and discussing their social issues. The members can join groups according to their localities which are divided into five levels, like- Village, panchayat, block, district, state, and national-wise. It additionally provides a timeline interface where users can connect with their community.

Rahul Raj – Founder & CEO

With rising issues at different levels across the country, the platform will bring awareness among the people about national issues and local issues and make it easy for the government to solve the real problem by directly getting connected with the citizens of India. It is the first platform to mass communicate and provide feedback to the communication on both ends.

Initiated by a newborn entrepreneur, the platform has been founded by Mr Rahul Raj, a 21-year dropout ( ~ computer science) student who himself belongs to a backward area of Madhubani, Bihar and decided to create a profile as a change-maker into their society, people and country.

Speaking about the newly launched platform, the Founder, Mr Rahul Raj, says, “MUDDA aims to provide every citizen with an environment to raise their issues publicly and to the right person and get help across their state, district, and village. This mobile application gives hope to the suffering and deprived people in society and strengthens them. Under this platform, not only people will be able to take their issues to the government as well as get information about the ongoing works, Schemes, and programmes of the government”.

Being a social worker, one can get their people’s voice to the responsible person of the location and get a popular status within their working location.

The government/administration can easily reach all the citizens from any location with their work and schemes. They can get any survey/response from the public using level-wise location groups. With such a practical approach to settle down the social issues prevailing in the community, MUDDA has, without a doubt, brought a big difference in society.

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