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Missing Home-Cooked Food? Here Comes the Home-Cooked Food Startup to Rescue

Missing Home-Cooked Food_ Here Comes the Home-Cooked Food Startup to Rescue | Karo Startup
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India has a vast food industry, the 6th biggest on the planet. Retail startups represent about 70% of the total sales in this section. There are a number of the famous business model in the FoodTech sector, for example, On-demand Delivery, Restaurant, and food discovery, Full stack, Kitchen cloud, Thin layer, Market spot, Concierge, and Home-prepared food startup.

The highest esteemed, unexplored, and most challenging model is the ‘Home cooked food startup.’ This is genuinely where the best likely lies, and advancement can turn off this industry in an entirely new way. Companies that can deal with making traditional food in surprising and non-traditional ways will undoubtedly score huge.

There are many players today battling to win the consumers’ hearts literally through their bellies.

The twist is that none of the players have addressed the top part of the value chain: “Food” itself. Likewise, the main reason for the shut-down of so many food startups. All the players are simple clones of each other, totally missing any contrast and advancement.

List Of Home-cooked Food Startup In India

Food technology is the kind of period for Indian Startups. In any case, as opposed to popular opinion, it isn’t about IT but innovation in the food experience provided to the customer using real food technology. It isn’t about attractive smartphone technology and applications but about advancements in the technological food cycle used to make creative food items and experiences for the customer.

Let us look at some most promising as well as overgrowing local home-cooked food startup


HomeFoodi | Karo Startup

Homefoodi, a Noida based home-cooked food startup, launches India’s first Mobile App for Authentic home-cooked food made by Chefs in their Homes. Homefoodi was registered as a company in 2018 and selected home chefs and went live in Noida in late October 2019.

With the aim of “Ghar-Ghar Start-Up,” the organization targets to make India’s most significant independent open door for ladies by offering a stage to earn from home as a Home Chef.

The organization plans to make a Healthy and Fit India by offering Healthy and Hygienic Home Food from the launch. The food startup Homefoodi will be going live with more than 100 chefs across Noida and plans to scale to more than 1 lakh food experts across the nation in the coming years.


Masalabox | Karo Startup

Home-prepared food is in demand, with people attempting to ensure they eat healthy even when they can’t cook at home themselves; Masalabox is the answer to this issue. Masalabox was begun as a home-cooked food startup in 2014 to give Hygenic home-made food to consumers and engage Homemakers.

Masalabox is set up in Cochin and operates in Bangalore. They began from Cochin. The plan was to run a live pilot to experience onboarding and upskill the chefs and deliver better quality food.

Today, Masalabox delivers approx 1,000 and 1,500 home-prepared food daily in Bengaluru and sees a MoM development rate of 30%. The meals from Masalabox’s network of more than 200 home chefs who set up the pre-decided menu in their home kitchens consistent with the FSSAI rules. Over the most recent year, this food startup has served more than 200,000 meals.


Curryful | Karo Startup

Wanted to be the Uber of home-prepared food, Ben Mathew, the founder of Curryful, launched this home-cooked food startup in 2018. The platform constructs India’s primary source of daily home food and delivers healthy, home-cooked food made by innovative home cooks.

Made with ingredients and no preservatives, these foods can be in quick order and are freshly cooked and delivered in just 40 minutes. This food startup works with networks to identify home chefs, best known for its famous dishes among their loved ones.

Once the home chef is recognized, the startup evaluates samples of their best dishes, checks their kitchens for cleanliness guidelines, and facilitates their FSSAI registration. Since the launching of this home-cooked food startup, the team has delivered a total of 10,000 meals in partnership with their 60 home chefs.


FoodyBuddy | Karo Startup

In rural India, people in neighborhoods are still used to share their home-cooked food. Rachna wanted to introduce the same social connection and sense of trust in cities, which led to FoodBuddy, a home-cooked food startup.

In 2017, with a handful of communities, they started Foodybuddy in South Bengaluru. FoodyBuddy has raised Rs 6 crore in pre-Series A funding from Prime Venture Partners. Within two years, the food startup has grown to the level where residents of more than 100 apartment communities are using FoodyBuddy, which has sold more than 250,000 meals to date and reaches 20,000 households.

After setting operations in Bengaluru, the company plans to expand in cities, including Hyderabad and Pune.

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