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In the current era, strengthening financial stability has become quite tricky for most people. Understanding the requirement of economic stability in an individual’s life, the insurance companies have guaranteed income plans. 

The guaranteed income plans are precisely designed to cater to the needs of the risk-averse investors and offer them the benefit of life insurance along with maturity benefits and regular guaranteed payouts. 

Every other family in India is suffering from some financial crisis. A single wrong decision in finance can make anyone pay a heavy amount. According to a 2019 survey report, the financial literacy rate is only 24% in India which is around 35% in other countries.  

Enters Mishutt application which provides all types of Financial Services. They are in four categories:

  • Personal finance
  • Corporate finance
  • Startups funding
  • Financial literacy

Through this app, anyone who is not aware of many financial rules or feels uncomfortable sharing their finances with anyone can find a solution over here.

Meet the Founder

Mishutt application is the brainchild of Anima Mishra. She has an MBA in Finance with Marketing. With a vision of creating a unique application that could help individuals in every financial stage, she gave rise to how the application should work back when she was doing her masters in 2013. 

Mishutt founder Anima Mishra

Anima then gained experience from banks and left HDFC bank in 2019 to start her venture journey. She then worked on making a good team and hired technical and legal professionals to work with her. Her company got registered with the name Mishutt on 21 may 2020, and soon, the website mishutt.com was also released.

The Unique Factor

Mishutt application works in a very customised format. It first analyses the expenses and then guides the client to the right path. The clientele has access to every financial product available at their fingertips. 

The company has tie-ups with all the banks, nbfcs and Financial institutions in India. BuMishutt helps more into the management part, helping its clients live a financially sound life.

Challenges Encountered

Talking about the challenges in the journey, at many steps there was hurdles. Mishutt had always been able to come up with a new direction while facing challenges. Family Constraints, Competition, Too much financial risk and team building, were some of the challenges.


Excluding the founder, the company is funded by two of the investors. In a year, the valuation of the company has reached three crore rupees. Investors fund companies, and more investments are along the way.

Business Model and Plans Ahead

Mishutt works in 4 categories-

  • Personal Finance- Through Mishutt Application.
  • Corporate Finance- Through the direct tie-up, helping them with all the finance department work, financial products, project funding, etc.
  • Start-Up Finance- From project making to bringing investment to the company, including all the legal services.
  • Financial Literacy- Provides courses on how to save money, taxes, how to manage expenses, etc.

Mishutt wants to reach every household, companies, startups in India and help them get their highest goal by giving them proper guidance in the financial section.

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