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Men Deserve – An Emerging Men Grooming Brand From India

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Men Deserve is an Indian beauty, cosmetics, and health care products brand. Men Deserve is a high-end men’s grooming brand that offers Hair Care, Skin Care, and Beard Care products explicitly crafted for men’s skin, beards, and hair.

About The Founder

Chirag Vekariya, the young and dynamic entrepreneur and business growth partner, is the founder and CEO of Young Elegance Life Care. He is a respectable individual who is dedicated to his career and profession.

Born and brought up in a typical middle-class family with roots in a small town. His father is a farmer from Makhawad, a small village near Rajkot, Gujarat, India. Chirag studied engineering but decided to pursue a career in the cosmetic industry after realizing his passion for grooming. With his brilliant work, dedication, and vision, he started men grooming startup brand called Men Deserve. This brand has been emerging as India’s succeeding grooming brand at present in India.

Mr Chirag Vekariya, Founder & CEO of  Men Deserve

The Idea Behind Men Deserve

A confident, well-liked, and well-respected gentleman initiated Men Deserve. By delivering things that make you a gentleman, Men Deserve hopes to transmit the message of loyalty, fraternity, respect, charity, and self-motivation. The company says that it does not take Einstein’s brain to understand a clearly stated fact- You need to look your best everywhere. So, to redefine grooming, Chirag Vekariya has introduced a brand called ‘Men Deserve’.

With their excellent Beard, Hair, and Skincare products, Men Deserve is here to explain that grooming and presentation help you everywhere. Be it any era, your facial hair can always create an impact, and keeping them clean and on-point is the secret.

Men Deserve products are here to show men that grooming and appearance can aid them in any situation. The art of being a gentleman is revealed. A man can effortlessly do tasks.

The Unique Factors of Men Deserve

Men Deserve products are free from parabens, SLS, and are cruelty-free as well. There are no harmful chemicals or mineral oil in this product. Essential premium oil and natural ingredients nurture the products.

Young Elegance Life Care is a Professional Beauty and Cosmetic Venture and has its other brand as well along with Men Deserve and They are  BIONISS and Delta +

  • BIONISS is a unisex beauty and cosmetics brand which is especially designed and crafted for both male and female.
  • Delta + is a antiseptic and healthcare brand launched for healthy and hygiene lifestyle.

What Difficulties Have They Faced?

After completing engineering, Chirag Vekariya was passionate and wanted to bring a change in the field of men’s grooming and fashion. Initially, he and his friend Maulik Vasoya (Co-Founder of Men Deserve) were able to secure some financial backing from the family. They set out to redefine the men’s grooming trend and fashion with YEL.

It wasn’t easy to persuade the ordinary man to use such cosmetics for a better lifestyle 3-4 years ago. The company intended to raise awareness about the need of keeping male skin and hair clean and hygienic.

While researching paraben-free and other chemical-free goods, they encountered numerous difficulties. Anyhow the founder and his friend had an idea and wanted to execute their idea to society for the betterment of what could change, so they kept going forward.

The path was difficult but not impossible to succeed. They started back in 2017 and are now one of the emerging men grooming brands in India.

The founder believes patience and determination are the keys to the successive paths of their journey.

The Business Model & Future Plan

Young Elegance Life Care (YEL) is an E-commerce Platform. The company is present on several B2C websites including Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Tata CliQ, MenXp, and many more.  Even offline B2B businesses that are just getting started should consider distribution channels. The plan is to spread the Men Deserve and other YEL brands in multiple subway areas across the country and abroad and make this the people’s top beauty and healthcare product division.

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