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Mcare, Giving Your Damaged Mobile Phone A New Life

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Mcare – Mobile ka Doctor is a Mumbai-based start-up, which provides Mobile Protection Plans. One of the leading mobile protection companies in India.

The company mission is ” Reducing unnecessary E-waste by building a sustainable business around the repair, refurbishment, and reuse”.

About Mcare

Mcare is one of the emerging and leading companies in India. It was founded in 2019 by Amit Sharma. Mcare provides complete mobile protection with its multiple plans. 

Is your dream of doing something that will be remembered for hundreds of generations after you? They are here to give you that dream. They are in business to save the planet! You would expect a revolution to break the earth, but they just focus on 3 R’s to save the planet. Repair, Refurbished, Reuse.

They are here to protect your mobile phones with their ‘Protection Plans’ and repair your phone seamlessly. They do that with a team working on phase planning, artistic communication, and a stable heart, by building a planet working community.

Meet the Founder

Amit Sharma is the founder of Mcare. An ambitious man conquers his goals with sheer hard work and with a tinge of luck. The founder is no different. For his PhD, he joined one of India’s premier institutes – BITS Pilani, as a part-time Research Scholar in 2018.

A family man like Amit Sharma travels the country, trying to make an impact but still returns home to have fun with his kids at their morning gymnastics session. And when it is impossible to be home, technology made up for it. Well, it always did, until that one fine day in February 2019.

Amit Sharma has more than 15 years of experience in retailing as Vice President in Future Group. He has built excellent teams to enable retail marketing. He has established stores with a lot of fanfare and has attracted feet based on a unique product philosophy and a proven combination of Integrated Marketing, Buzz Marketing, Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Events, and more. 

        Amit Sharma is the Co-founder of Mcare 

He is a trusted leader who blends product management with business development. Mr. Amit Sharma is a highly sought-after manager in the Indian shopping sector and a unit who has visited many B high schools such as S. P. Jain, IMT, BIMTECH, etc.

Backing up the mission of Amit, with over more than two decades of experience, the man who once started from the streets of Mumbai till the time he made it big, Mr. Chetan Singh Rathod. He is a Co-Founder of Mcare, who is a dynamic leader. He propelled the RD group company from a niche mobile accessory firm to the workforce solutions powerhouse it is today. His unwavering commitment and fearless approach have motivated him to make several bold decisions that have changed the company’s course and helped it become what it is today.

 Chetan Singh Rathod, Co-founder of Mcare

Idea Behind Start-up

All smartphones come with a large screen these days and the larger they are, the higher chance of damage to your smartphone screen if it accidentally goes off your grip.

A day in Pilani when Mr. Amir Sharma’s (Founder of Mcare) phone fell out of his hands and broke, cutting him off from his friends and family. Then he tried to search the mobile service center on Google to repair his mobile.

 A quick Google search told him that his phone’s actual service center, or something else, was miles away from Pilani. He found a few shops, but the dishonesty and inefficiency of the boys in those shops failed in his mission. Leaving him with the last option to buy a new phone.

Mr. Amit Sharma’s heart sank as he thought of the people in such small towns who bought a decent phone while it was still a luxury. And just the damage to the screen can ruin that dream of having this luxury. This is where the idea of an affordable and authentic mobile repair company came into play. 

In late 2019, Mr. Amit Sharma came up with a plan to transform the cell phone repair industry in the small towns of Bharat. A small accident with his phone in Pilani created the organization’s view of transforming the mobile phone experience in small Indian towns.

A one-stop solution for all customers who have a problem related to cell phone repair. They want to be that bridge between customers and their problems related to mobile repairs.

And they are also working to save the environment from E-waste.

Challenges Encountered 

The outbreak of COVID-19 is a clear reminder that pandemics, like other rare disasters, have occurred in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

 While we cannot prevent the harmful virus from developing, we must be prepared to reduce its effects on society. 

The current outbreak has had a devastating effect on the global economy, and it does not seem that any country will be unaffected.

Mcare started its journey from Mumbai, with its business partner (Distributors and Traders) offline, and they were fully moving but had to slow down due to the lockdown announced on April 6, 2020. But as a team of enthusiasts, they committed not to go back to such a situation but to stand firm, just one day of planning on April 7, 2020 and moved its operations to Surat, Gujarat.

They packed their bags, prepared everything for marketing and branding, and they were ready to go. April 8 left Mumbai sharp at 7 a.m. and they had their first stop or rather say their first distributor met at Vapi (150Kms away from Mumbai), at about 10 o’clock in the morning. Not only that but they ended the meeting on a positive note and left for Surat at 3 pm as they had to meet one distributor at 5.30 in Surat, Gujarat. 

The trip has been a success as they have connected a total of 7 distributors and more than 50 vendors on a 6-day trip. 

USP Of the Company

No questions asked policy is the USP of the company. They don’t ask any questions about when, how, where your mobile is damaged, they don’t do anything like an inspection of your mobile. 

50% Promo, A Big Mobile Protection Company with Bumper Offers!

 If you don’t claim the service in a year, don’t worry! You can get accessories worth 50% of your mobile plan.

What Do They Offer

Mcare India’s Fully Integrated Mobile Protection Company. They offer quality repair services, protection plans, and more.

  • Protection Plans Cover – Screen Damage, Liquid Damage & Physical Damage

  • Mcare offer 50% worth benefit to every customer if they do not have a repair problem in a year

  • Mcare does not have any hidden or extra charges apart from the plan fee amount

  • Doorstep Pickup & Drop

  • No Questions Asked Policy

  • Top Quality Repair from Authorized Service Centres


Look at the irony, when you want to pursue higher education, you can get a loan but when someone wants to start a business, it is very difficult to get a bank loan. Therefore, as a nation, if we want to promote entrepreneurship, we need to force our banks to play the role of facilitator.

Amit Sharma’s personal savings over the past 15 years and help from her family and a few close friends are the reasons behind the funding.

Future Plans Ahead 

Mcare plans to expand its business as they are planning to open Mcare authorized repair centres across the country. They want to create a platform where all mobile-related problems can be solved and also reduce unnecessary E-waste and help the planet become a better place to live.

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