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LTTRBX is a leading software solution and services company located in Ahmedabad, one of the most interesting enterprising cities in Gujarat, India.

The company started almost three years ago. They have demonstrated their ability to provide fast and affordable software development solutions to an extensive global portfolio of customers, reflecting the latest business transformation.

LTTRBX understands the needs of its customers and provides creative work solutions. They don’t believe in ballyhoo or something that will disappoint its customers later on. They take the opportunity from customers’ needs and make it possible easily.

“We make no fuss about vision or mission. We follow the simple rule of ‘identify the need and persevere to meet it”   LTTRBX

About Lttrbx

LTTRBX was founded in 2018 by Mr Pratik Rathod, Ms Bhakti Somaiya & Mr Meet Padaliya. LTTRBX is specialised in School ERP Modules with Artificial Intelligence integrated system for students & parents. LTTRBX works upon almost 50+ Categories of business.

They worked upon 1200+ Clients; LTTRBX Contains a rich portfolio in Custom Software development, Mobile App Development, IoT based equipment services.

They also work in various sectors like Cab & Logistics Systems, Grocery & Daily Delivery Systems, Movie & Streaming systems, Social Media Systems, Multivendor E-commerce ERP Systems, POS systems, Hotel Management systems, Hospital Management systems, Trading Analysis & Reporting systems, Courier Booking system etc.

The Journey

To begin with the ground, they started their first office in the basement of the building with two staff members; today, they are reaching a level where they are working with International Clients such as Brisbane City Council in Australia, Ipswich City Council Australia, Civil Aviation: State of Kuwait, College Day, Nexa, FMM Bureau, Visatree, KarYard Inc, Karma International.

Even in the world of tech, we feel unsafe for our child when they go to school, but LTTRBX understands the concerns of a parent. They are focused on school child safety programs; they offer 360 Degree watches for children at school for parents, teachers and school authorities with their smart-based software. Today they have protected about 10k+ students’ education through their software.

Meet The Founders

Meet the most inspiring man, Pratik Rathod, who is the founder of LTTRBX. He is working in the IT industry for the last five years; he is awarded as an Entrepreneur of the year in Service Business – Outstanding Contribution in IT Solution / Cyber Security by Entrepreneur Magazine’s 10th Edition.

He is also among the Youngest International Male – Top 100 Entrepreneurs in Information Technology by Enterprise 50 – Malaysia.

He is a Harvard University Graduate for:

1) Entrepreneurship Essentials

2) Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies

He earned achievements like MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer), AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, Cornell University’s Digital Marketing Expert, CompTIA CSA+, Cloud+, Security+, and many more international certifications. He is also a member of the Vibrant Gujarat Business Council.

Pratik Rathod is the founder of LTTRBX

Meet the pan-talented Bhakti Somaiya. She is the founder of LTTRBX. She holds a master’s degree in Management (MBA with Dual specialisation in Marketing & Finance). She gained a lot of experience in the IT field as she has been working for the last five years skillfully in the IT industry.

She has chalked up many achievements as she has won 7 state and national trophies in business development programs and competitions. Moreover, she has achieved in state-level business advertisement strategy competition

She got a research paper published and earned eight mentorship programs from various renowned incubation centres of India, under-respected mentors and hosted as many as 9 University and state competitions.

Bhakti Somaiya is the founder of LTTRBX
Bhakti Somaiya is the founder of LTTRBX

Meet the ignited mind; Meet Padaliya, who is the founder of LTTRBX. He is an Electric & Communication Engineer, working for the last five years effortlessly in the IT industry. He is also a member of the Vibrant Gujarat Business Council and holding Certification like CompTIA A+, Cloud+, etc. He is an Experienced HR Manager with excellence in identifying more than 200+ successful interviews.

Meet Padaliya is the founder of LTTRBX

Services They Offer

With extensive experience in web services, LTTRBX is a leading software company in India. They make things easy for businesses to grow their sales & marketing activities to the internet through web development services.

They offer top-quality professional best web designs and web development services globally at affordable prices. The famous services are :

Web Development

  • Web Design
  • Android App Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphics Design
  • Enterprise App Development

The future of the business is online. Anything is possible online, and the benefits of using web technology are immense.

 The increasing demand for web portals services is undeniable, and today, the revenue of web portal has skyrocketed. But due to a lack of services and software solutions, web portal usage is a concern in India. That’s why LTTRBX came up with creative design, software development and implementation solutions for web services at an affordable price.

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