India’s First Discounting Clothing Site – LooteraKart


LooteraKart is India’s first Discounting Clothing site founded by Shubham Singh. The company chose to concentrate on all Indian e-commerce sites to inform about the exclusive discounts and coupons they offer to their customer base.

LooteraKart was initiated in 2012, backed by Kundan Sinha, CFO Ahan Gupta,  COO Amrish Singh and CPO Rohit Raj.

How did LooteraKart Start?

A group of friends came up with the idea of starting a startup and commenced India’s first discounting clothing site from Bihar. All the products are bought initially from shops which are located in their hometown. They struggled to provide an online platform for people to buy clothes at reasonable rates, and that too hassle-free. They wanted to make their customers feel comfortable

The main idea behind this was to deliver products to their doorstep just in one click, and knowing their shops; they will not regret buying from it.

Meet the Founder 

In this corona pandemic, Shubham Singh observed too many crowds in a clothes shop which was not safe. To reduce the public and to maintain proper social distancing, he thought why not customers should buy clothes from their favourite shop and delivered them to their doorstep without any contact.

With his CFO, Ahan Gupta team, Rohit Kumar/Raj, Amrish Singh, Siddhart Singh, Shivam Kumar, Ashish Gupta worked on this and started executing it in their hometown Masaurhi, Patna.

The company claims it to stand out differently because they have started it in their local area. Here, the customers also buy their clothes from their favourite shops and have proper knowledge about the shop’s clothes quality.

Challenges Encountered 

Talking about the challenges, the company told us that initially, their parents did not allow them and were not ready to support them in this arena. According to them, they belonged to middle-class families and are not financially sound. However, they convinced them.

Future Plans Ahead

The company is currently bootstrapped as it has just started and is searching for some promising investors to take it to the upper level. Now, the company manages the fundings from their pocket savings.

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