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Lessons for Early Stage CTO Start-ups

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A chief technology officer (CTO), sometimes known as a chief technical officer or chief technologist, is an executive-level post in a company or other entity whose occupation is to concentrate on the systematic and technological concerns within an association.

A CTO is very similar to a chief information officer (CIO). CTOs will make decisions for the overarching technology infrastructure that closely aligns with the organization’s goals, while CIOs work alongside the organization’s IT staff members to perform everyday operations. A CTO should be aware of new and existing technologies to guide the company’s future endeavors. The attributes of the roles a CTO holds, vary from one company to the next, mainly depending on their organizational structure.

Obsess Over The Business, Not Technology

There is a delusion that many startups CTOs fall prey to, which is the “separation of roles.” They think they are solely responsible for building the best tech in the world, and forget that the ultimate goal is to make the business successful.

The Tech Stack Is Not A Private Decision

Technical originators love manufacturing new products from scratch utilizing their favorite tech. The choice of the tech stack is critical for the future of a startup. It is all about velocity; your text stack choice revolves around what allows you to move fast and be able to onboard new engineers smoothly.

Real MVP

An insignificant viable stock must do one job: You build it and start testing with users. Don’t waste time making a good-looking product or get tricked into adding features that you may think are crucial, like setting pages, or even a login page.

Forget About Scaling

Scaling is something Tech originators admire to think about in the initial days. It is understandable because it unconsciously gives you the security that everything is working well. The rationalization, however, is: what if we go viral overnight and our servers can’t handle the traffic and business fails? Chances are this is never going to happen, and even with very successful companies.

Respect The ‘Zone’

When an engineer is implementing a specific feature, he/ she lays down the steps in her head and exactly knows what line of code should go in which classes. He/ She’s also calculating all the rules for her UI responsiveness as he/ she goes. He/ She also thought of some necessary test cases to validate her solution as he/ she goes.

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