Lassi Bae is the brainchild of Varun Singh, a dropout engineering student. He dropped out of college at the end year of his academic’s life. The decision he put up with was decided when he was schooling. 

The Brain Behind Lassi Bae

Varun’s story from a waiter to a brand owner beganwhen he was in 5th grade. MAHESH SINGH, his father, a migrant from north Uttar Pradesh, came to south Trichy to survive his life. He owned a tiny place named Magahi restaurant. The place was small but was popular among all north Indians in the south as they served the best north Indian food in the restaurant there. 

While schooling Varun was forced by his parents to work as a waiter in one restaurant where his father was working. Initially, he hated his job, but then gradually; he took control over his job. Since the age of 12, every day after school, he used to go to the restaurant to work while his friends used to play. He started lagging in his studies. But he made up his mind to work no matter what it takes. 

Varun recalls when he had his 10th standard board exams, his father had so many catering orders. He had no choice but to work till midnight. After returning home tired, he used to study for exams and did all he could. But luckily, he succeeded and passed his exams. 

The Induction of Lassi Bae

Varun, along with his father, constructed their restaurant, Maghai Restaurant soon became popular. Here they had invited their challenging times. They couldn’t cope with the loans. They were in a terrible situation and decided to inaugurate one more branch, 20 km away. Varun was the full InCharge of it; it was just outside of NIT TRICHY. 

They named it MAGHAI DHABA. Varunwas in his second year of college. He used to drive 20 km west to college from home and drive back the same way. After college, it was a night canteen where it was all in his control. They were new to the place and had a lot of competitors. At first, he was all set to give up, but with his persistent hard work, Varun night canteen was booming in NIT TRICHY.

Varun was well-known there in almost all departments, and students started knowing him. He was awarded as Best Entrepreneur from their ECell department, and they made a documentary on him. He was on cloud nine. He became confident. 

Every year during summer vacation, it had to be shut, which became a stumbling block in his journey. Amidst this, he got an offer from his uncle to start a beverage based shop named LASSI BAE. He borrowed money from his friends to start his business. Varun was the chief; he created the menu, which was high in quantity and pocket friendly. 

The Success of Lassi Bae 

Lassi Bae boomed in the entire city in just two months, and every day it attained a great crowd. Varun’s experience helped him a lot to run his business. He was thankful to his parents for sending him every day to the restaurant to work. He loves to see the crowd, and people now ask him about the franchise. In his final year of college, he decided to drop off as he was busy with his business. 

His younger brother, Tharun Singh, started seeing the shop and helped Varun expand more. Varun commenced offering franchises. 

Currently, Lassi Bae has 35+ outlets, and they are planning to open soon in UAE, SINGAPORE and much more. Varun highlighted that he started small, but he won’t stop until it turns huge with the colossal lassi bae family. 

Varun inspires many business people with ideas to solve the problem and lets them know that if he can do it, everyone can.

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