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Know How The Founder Of An Edutech Startup Is Revolutionising The Digital Marketing Industry

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The Internet enables businesses to interact with the targeted audience in real. As a result, Digital Marketing is taking over traditional marketing channels. Moreover, we can see a robust adoption of digital marketing skills by business owners, job seekers, working professionals, and startups to fulfil their needs.

But, Do you know, just knowing theoretically about digital marketing isn’t enough? Suppose you want to reach a massive audience in a way that is both measurable and cost-effective. In that case, you must have practical knowledge. Not only this if you’re willing to pursue your career in Digital Marketing, then you must think about guaranteed placement and job security.

To provide guaranteed placement and job security, Ankit Pandey founded Digikosmo. Digikosmo is the professional academy for people who want real change. This Edutech Startup in India is passionate about helping people and businesses unlock their potential using skills, learning, building confidence, and careers.

Meet the Founder

Ankit Pandey is an  Entrepreneur,  Marketing  Professional,  Digital  Marketing Mentor, Skilled Consultant, and Speaker. He is the  Founder   & CEO of DIGIKOSMO, and also a Chief Technology Officer at  Geniusadda.

Path to Digikosmo

Ankit says, “he developed a keen interest in Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Public Speaking at a very young age”. Ankit started his career as a  Blogger when he was just in 8th standard. After two years of blogging, he wanted to learn how to work, but only because he was in 10th standard, nobody gave him a job.

After many rejections, a digital marketing company gave him the opportunity. Ankit worked there for eight months and learnt social media marketing and SEO. Rs 6000 was his first earning. After passing 12th, he worked at various profiles for better understanding.

Later, Ankit worked for three years as a mentor, the only profile he loved so much. But he noticed one problem in the institute. ” Institutes commit guaranteed placement to the student, but nothing like that happens in reality”, Ankit says.

Finally, after seeing the issue prevalent in almost every institute in the market, Ankit decided to start anEdutech Startup, Digikosmo.

What is Digikosmo doing?

Digikosmo supports, improves and empowers marketing performance with training programmes. They help you be the best you can be and encourage you to reach the highest potential. They commit to helping marketing professionals understand digital marketing.

The digital marketing courses, held by certified trainers specialise in online marketing techniques. They teach current strategies in a hands-on interactive format, which is easy to understand and implement.

Currently, Digikosmo offers three courses. They are :

Millionaire  Mindset of  Digital Entrepreneur – This course is itself life-changing program for all, ie. If you are a Student, or Professional,  or a Business owner, you can enrol.  This premium 6 Month training course benefits are guaranteed placement, batch flexibilities, 16  Industry Recognised Certification, DIGIKOSMO Certification. They also provide funding facility for student startup, free accommodation, paid internship program, live projects and placement all over India, and abroad.    

Advance Digital Marketing –  It is a 2-month course for students, job seekers and freelancers. After successful course completion, you’ll receive the Digikosmo certificate and guaranteed job in Pan India.

Digital Marketing Course For Entrepreneurs – It is a one month course only for Business Man who wants to get more clients.  The training will teach you all things in detail that will, eventually, help youset up your online businessand run it successfully.

Dream Project

Ankit along with his two partners dreams of “ASV Solution”. He says, they named ASV solution taking the first letter of their names. ASV solution aims to make 2 lakh candidates self-independent. Very soon, they’ll start working together on their dream project.


Digikosmo is here to help you succeed in marketing. Whether that’s welcoming in the next generation of marketers through an apprenticeship or accelerating marketing knowledge with boot camps or modules, they can find the right option for your business.

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