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An audio-based platform app was created whose focus was billion of internet users. Khabri is India’s fastest growing audio platform targeted at the next billion internet users. This platform is formed so that locals can hear audio of their favorable language. They can also upload their audio on this platform.

Backed by Y Combinator and investors across the US, Japan, and India. Audio in this world refers to songs or instrumental music. Khabri aims at changing this perception.

 There are many foreign apps like China that have Unicorns in audio space like Ximalaya FM who are engaging users up to 2 hrs per day. Spotify has spent $404 Million to go beyond music. Now it’s time for India to cope up with the help of Khabri that too in their local language.

The Main Aim is to Reach Local Talent

 Khabri was featured one of the favorite startups from Y combinator demo day by Tech Crunch. It uploads 1000-8000 audio contents daily and is also the only Indian app to be on the list.

Content creating platforms have earned much during this lockdown. It is almost doubled as individuals are searching and following their hobbies.

Pulkit Sharma the CEO of Khabri realized there is very much talent in the local people but they are unable to reach a platform because of the language barrier, hence he created Khabri. He believes ever since smartphones have become affordable and accessible, people are able to showcase their talent from any place on the globe, says, audio as a mode of communication is largely untapped as a significant section of the audience is workers who listen to the audio content of some nature through the day.

Currently, the platform has 100,000 pieces of content and on a daily basis sees 1000-8000 pieces of content of various sizes getting created daily. The platform is spread over Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar with over a million users. “During the lockdown, we noticed that people like to hear from content creators in their localities. Earlier in our business, we have observed that the demand for hyper-local content creators was really good. The lockdown has ramped up the demand,” says Sharma.

Content creators who start a channel on Khabri like to talk about regional and current affairs, and issues pertaining to the local community. “We are focused on acquiring new content creators, users, and configuring the platform to work on various network sized and devices,” says Sharma. He eventually wants to cover other regions and languages.

At the time, when content sharing platforms are competing like never before, Sharma sees a number of opportunities. “We will stick to the core of maintaining content channels. Advertising is a good revenue source but the platform is much more than that. It will be possible to integrate various domain-specific services starting from weather, business, shopping, and so on. The improvements in voice search and technology is an added opportunity for us,” explains Sharma. Both in India and the west, investors, including the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, bet big on voice search. At the moment it is restricted to a few languages and mostly English.

Integrating voice-search in multiple languages with regional content further widens the scope in a country like India. He believes that data generated on the platform and the potential to incorporate voice search would translate into convenient features encouraging more people to join in.

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