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The Better to Keep an Eye on Future is by Getting Educated

The Better to Keep an Eye on Future is by Getting Educated
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Education is one of the key ingredients for growth and progress in the nation. The larger number of people in a community are educated, the more they can provide an advantageous contribution to their surroundings. This event enhances the importance of education in the community and has resulted in government funding in education more than ever previously.

Upamanyu Chatterjee: Founder & Managing Partner At College Shala (Edutech)

Founder & Managing Partner at College Shala (Edutech) || Co-founder at R.A.U. Industries LLP. He is a B. Tech 3rd year student in the heritage institute of Kolkata. His life was like a normal science kid studied 11th & 12th from JEE and after that pursuing Engineering. But the main goal was to do something new. His first Startup was dotcom at the age of 16, a website where anybody can express their flaws, after that he met a guy in college who was researching “how to use plastic in construction“ because the amount spent in recycling plastic is less than segregating plastic. They own a patent on how to use unsegregated plastic for construction. They conquered this issue and formed a company and worked on it for approximately a year. In the COVID 19 pandemic, He and his childhood friend MD Fazal Mustafa who is the founder and CEO at College Shala, frond-end developer, data science, AR developer saw a scarcity of an education platform that purveys to college students.

CollegeShala is a community-driven EduTech platform catering exclusively to the students of BBA, BCA, BCOM, BA, LLB.  We host curated study materials, doubt clearing services, educational books, community events on our platform. Its basic aim was to give a face to this platform which does not have recognition in India.

Study Material Problem | Notes Making
Study Material Problem

Equipment Supplied by College Shala


Notes are the briefs of the plentiful content available in books. It makes it easier for students to focus on important factors in one reading rather than reading the whole content. College Shala provided on point notes which are important from the exam point of view from the trusted professors.


During the pandemic, students were unable to attend college lectures, and reading those thick books feels like a headache itself plus we are all new to the subject. Lectures help us understand the topics easily. College Shala provides lectures from famous professors on every specific topic student need to learn about.

  • Question & Answer SERIES

College Shala provides a question-answer series for students to get a note about the important questions from the examination point of view. This feature was introduced by them to clear the doubts of students from distant places.

College Shala has more than 24 renowned tutors from trusted universities on board, consisting of than 300 students who are in connection with them and 3000-4000 visitors on a daily basis. They have been working from Kolkata with 12 employees

The one feature that differentiates college Shala from others is that every student and educators are convinced at 0 costs.

Complications Faced by Them During their Period

They had to struggle a lot to create this website.

  1. They were short with their funds.
  2. The professors were hesitant to go out in the digital world.
  3. Finding and approaching them was a struggle and convincing them to introduce themselves to the digital world was another struggle. 
  4. Making people work with them was another big struggle as College Shala was not a company was just a startup.

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